In its second century of practice, Hare, Wynn, Newell & Newton, LLP is one of the most respected plaintiffs' litigation firms in the country. Hare Wynn's success has come as a result of the unique opportunity its attorneys have had to become both experienced and successful trial lawyers, as well as legal tacticians. Whether arguing to a jury in a rural county in Alabama or to the United States Supreme Court, Hare Wynn's lawyers have a proven track record of success for their clients

Hare, Wynn, Newell & Newton, LLP began in the late 1800's, and through the firm's founder, Francis Hare, was instrumental in making plaintiffs' litigation affordable to those needing high-quality representation in significant litigation. Built on a legacy of representing individuals, Hare Wynn continues to build on more than 100 years of successful trial experience in its representation of individuals, Fortune 500 companies, small business, and government entities.

The magnitude of the firm's litigation success was recognized when Hare Wynn was identified as one of the top plaintiff's firms in the United States in being named to the National Law Journal's Plaintiffs' Hot List. The Journal honored Hare Wynn as one of 20 firms nationally "that are at the cutting edge of plaintiffs' work – and giving the defense a run for their money."

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Hare Wynn’s attorneys have mastered their courtroom skills during more than a century of trials involving business litigation, products liability, wrongful death, catastrophic injuries, aviation accidents and medical negligence cases. In an age when fewer and fewer cases go to trial, Hare Wynn’s lawyers are still arguing to juries on a regular basis. Examples include:

  • $217.7 MILLION verdict in Kansas – GMO Corn Contamination
  • $8 MILLION verdict in Kentucky – Nursing Home Abuse
  • $25 MILLION settlement in Kentucky – Consumer Protection Case
  • $8.5 MILLION settlement in Oklahoma – Aviation Engine Failure
  • $40 MILLION settlement in Tennessee – Whistleblower
  • $1 MILLION verdict in Tennessee – Trucking Accident
  • $1.31 MILLION settlement in N. Carolina – Liquor Liability
  • $750 MILLION settlement in Missouri – GMO Rice Contamination
  • $47 MILLION verdict in Arkansas – GMO Rice Contamination
  • $19 MILLION verdict in Arkansas – Seat Belt Failure
  • $950 THOUSAND settlement in S. Carolina – Tire Tread Separation
  • $310 MILLION settlement in Alabama – Corporate Fraud
  • $2.8 BILLION verdict in Alabama – Corporate Fraud
  • $40 MILLION verdict in Alabama – Death of a Police Officer
  • $40 MILLION verdict in Alabama – Death of a Music Minister
  • $1.85 MILLION settlement in Georgia – Brake Failure
  • $3 MILLION settlement in Mississippi – Whistleblower
  • $3 MILLION settlement in Louisiana – Pipeline Explosion
  • $392 MILLION settlement in Texas – Whistleblower
  • $11 MILLION settlement in Texas – Wrongful Death
  • $1.51 BILLION global settlement – GMO Corn Contamination

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  • Appellate Practice
  • Arbitration
  • Bet-the-Company Litigation
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Litigation - Securities
  • Mass Tort Litigation / Class Actions - Plaintiffs
  • Mediation
  • Medical Malpractice Law - Plaintiffs
  • Personal Injury Litigation - Plaintiffs
  • Product Liability Litigation - Plaintiffs
  • Transportation Law

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