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AndPartners Tax and Law Firm is a new organisation in the realm of “tax and law firms”, operating in tax law and more. Lawyers and chartered accountants working in synergy to provide clients with the best possible service.

The Firm starts in a year when the world we were used to has been upended: to navigate such a complex reality, AndPartners set a few principles enshrined in their “key words”, so they can become the focus and inspiration for their work.

Why “AndPartners”? They de-personalized the Firm’s name because each individual professional in the team is important and it is thanks to everyone’s work that they accomplish small and big things every day.

The philosophy:


What makes a business sustainable? Respect and regard toward all the resources that contribute to it: the Firm’s professionals, whose growth and appreciation they foster; the work environment, made up of environmentally sustainable materials; the taxpayer, with whom they want to build a trust-based relationship; the institutions, with whom they want to have transparent discussions.


Dialogue and discussion are the basis of “networking”. Earnest, transparent and solid personal relationships to work well, fully respecting know-how and rules. They work as a team creating positive synergies to foster the growth of our profession, of the national, European, and worldwide context.


They are on a path of continuous evolution. Keeping an open mind is the way to innovate and improve personal and professional relationships. They keep up with technology to improve their work and their clients’.


360-degree growth and understanding: growth for the client and for the economy, professional growth by focusing on continuing education and on appreciating professionals.

  • ESG

Environmental Social Governance: they deal with internal relationships by appreciating from time to time whoever has the right skills for the best possible result; they support their client’s propensity towards ESG criteria; they respect the environment with environmentally sustainable choices; they devote part of their time to socially useful endeavours.


It’s obvious for a tax and law firm to strive for utmost commitment. They’ve chosen this principle to remind them of this, to clearly see that commitment does not just consist in doing their job well, but in doing so by ensuring that all their inspiring principles are still valid.

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Tax Consultant, Auditor
Tax Consultant, Auditor

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