Family and community.  That is at the core of Marie Tomassi’s legal practice. The 2020 St. Petersburg “Lawyer of the Year” honoree in Appellate Practice found it to be “such an honor and very rewarding” to receive the recognition from her peers.

The field of appellate practice captured her attention right from the start.  In what is seemingly a contradiction, the routine procedure of appellate law work and the variety of the cases is what satisfies the modest attorney.  Tomassi couldn’t single out any specific cases over the past year and felt the body of work she has handled is what earned her the award.

Tomassi still practices at the same firm she clerked for in law school.  “I had no idea how lucky I was,” she said when describing how she got her start at Trenam Law. “I was trained by the best of the best.”  That same firm still produces a unique energy and dedication to their practice that provides her with an enthusiasm to deliver.  “I love the people—we really do have a great group of people,” Tomassi exclaimed. “It is very team focused. There is a collegial culture and a standard of excellence here.”

Tampa-St. Peterburg is a glimmering society soaked in the western Florida sun. There is a vibrant expanse of culture, sports, entertainment, restaurants, malls, beaches, and blend of people that come from all walks of life. The two areas separated by just over 20 miles of the Tampa Bay are frequently spared from the devastating hurricanes that strike Florida every year.  As Hurricane Dorian prepared to strike the area, Tomassi and her firm were ready to help however they could. “When Hurricane Dorian came through, we organized water, generators, and supplies for people in need.”

That isn’t the extent of their generosity.  This year her firm also plans to build a home in the community through Habitat for Humanity.

“I love the Tampa community. I love St. Pete.” Tomassi stated. “I would like to continue practicing with the lawyers and judges and community.  The level of commitment I have received from all of them, I would hope to match what I have received.”