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Historically, North Carolina’s courts were widely recognized as some of the most conservative in the nation. As a result, only a small handful of firms in the state exclusively practice plaintiff-side employment law—Van Kampen Law is one of them.

Van Kampen Law’s primary clients are professional and executive-level victims of employment discrimination and sexual harassment. However, the firm recognizes that it is imperative to combat discrimination from the factory floor to the board room, and its attorneys pick their cases accordingly.

Van Kampen Law strategically takes on fewer employment law cases so that it can devote sufficient resources to match up favorably against the large defense firms employers invariably hire. By concentrating its practice exclusively on employment law in North Carolina, Van Kampen Law has established solid working relationships with many of the area’s employment law defense attorneys and in-house counsels, which often facilitates early settlement. To that end, many of the cases referred to Van Kampen Law are from defense attorneys against whom the firm has litigated.

Ultimately, Van Kampen Law strives to be regarded as the most aggressive employment litigation firm in the state. That said, the firm also works effectively and in good faith with area employers to settle matters amicably and confidentially where possible. While litigation is ultimately often necessary, Van Kampen Law's initial approach with employers emphasizes diplomacy, open mindedness and mutual interests.


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Van Kampen Law's primary clients are professional and executive-level victims of employment discrimination and sexual harassment. Mr. Van Kampen tries to leverage his training as a management-side employment attorney to anticipate and counteract strategies and tactics utilized by employers. Being a member of the defense bar has also been useful to Mr. Van Kampen in helping clients to properly value their cases, and to assess when to push and when to concede during settlement negotiations.

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