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Pugh Accardo LLC
1100 Poydras Street, Suite 3300
New Orleans, LA 70163-1132
United States
(504) 799.4500

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Pugh Accardo was formed in 2008 by a team of seasoned litigators who saw an opportunity to serve their existing clients in a smaller and more personalized environment. The firm represents a number of clients on a national, regional and statewide basis.The firm prides itself on its litigation practice. Many attorneys in the firm have been involved in scores of trials and have taken cases to verdict. While most cases do not proceed to trial, and most are settled, “trial readiness” is a firm motto. If a case does go to trial, competent counsel is obviously required. Moreover, in order for a case to settle on a favorable basis, the other side must know that defense counsel is more than competent to try the case. Conversely, the absence of competent trial counsel invariably leads to higher costs.


Lawrence G. Pugh, III
Managing Partner



Women: 1

Hispanic: 1

Men: 5

Of Counsel

Women: 7

African-American: 1

Men: 13


Women: 4

Men: 1

Management / Department Heads

Women: 2

Hispanic: 1

Men: 1


Women: 6

Hispanic: 1

Native-American: 1

Men: 2

Non-Legal Employees

Women: 12

African-American: 1

Men: 1