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When it comes to effective advocacy, there is no substitute for courtroom experience.

If you find yourself inside a courtroom, it’s imperative to have legal counsel who has a reputation for trial skills, legal knowledge, and who isn’t afraid to fight for your rights.

Bill Powers is an award-winning North Carolina attorney, with more than 27 years of in-the-trenches, practical trial experience.

“If we’re in court, we’re there to win. It’s that simple. Your lawyer must be willing to tell the other side, ‘We’ll see you in court’ and follow-through with that threat. It helps if they can back it up with years of courtroom experience.” Bill Powers

If a legal matter is called for trial, that means there is a disagreement that isn’t likely going to be resolved by further negotiations.

In any such legal battle, the courtroom is where disputes are ultimately settled.

To be effective, the other side must realize you’re not afraid to go to court, also understanding you don’t litigate for the sake of arguing. Your lawyer’s reputation in the legal community and their legal experience matter.

It’s more than posturing. Lawyers must possess a reputation for reasonableness.

Advocacy, truly advocating for a client’s best interests, involves talking common-sense with the other side, knowing what will happen if a case is taken to trial.

A critical part of any legal advice is understanding the realities of court and how trials proceed. It’s more than book knowledge.

Real-world, courtroom experience helps lawyers provide reliable legal advice to their clients.

Your lawyer must be unafraid to take the matter to trial, to argue motions in court, and to challenge the other side in their legal theories and ability to present compelling evidence.

In selecting a lawyer, don’t just look at their wins.  Ask about their losses too.

It’ll tell you a lot about their experience and the basis for their legal opinions.

“My legal advice is predicated on decades of experience. The best lawyers I know have tried cases, lost in court, and learned from them. Wins, and more importantly painful losses, in court, make for better legal decisions. It’s more than theoretical to me. Lives are changed in court.” Bill Powers

Bill Powers is known as a professional, courteous, and tenacious courtroom advocate.

It’s good to realize this: Securing justice, and what is right, can be a battle.

Our passion in legal representation is to help clients through difficult times. We take our responsibilities seriously.

People trust us with their lives and livelihoods.

We absolutely must be dedicated to their cause and offer a helping hand.

We are there for them.

We encourage clients to check out our credentials.

See what other legal professionals say.

Look at the reputation of your attorney in the legal community, awards they may have won, specialty certifications, and their dedication to the practice of law.

We are focused, driven advocates for justice, dedicated to hard work, preparation, and zealous courtroom advocacy.

We are accessible 24/7 for emergency legal matters and offer a free consultation for criminal charges.

We are here to help clients, not judge them.

We’re based in the Charlotte-Metro region, which means we help people in Mecklenburg County and the surrounding areas like Monroe NC, Statesville, Mooresville, Gastonia, and Salisbury, North Carolina.

We also have a law office in Rock Hill SC. Attorney Chris Beddow is licensed both in South Carolina and North Carolina. Bill Powers is licensed only in the State of North Carolina and therefore limits his representation to legal matters in NC.Guarding

Your Legal Rights

We are determined to ensure that the legal rights of our clients are protected when they face criminal charges for:

  1. DWI / DUI / Impaired Driving "drunk driving" and other alcohol-related crimes
  2. Traffic violations such as driving on a revoked license and speeding tickets
  3. Theft crimes, including larceny and embezzlement
  4. Drug charges in Charlotte including possession of drugs or drug paraphernalia, sale, distribution, manufacturing or trafficking
  5. Assault and battery, domestic violence, and other violent crimes, felony or misdemeanor.  

We respect the work of law enforcement, whose goal it is to keep our roadways and neighborhoods safe.

However, as Carolina criminal defense attorneys, we place a high priority on the individual’s right to a fair trial.To speak with an experienced, professional North Carolina defense lawyer, CALL NOW: 877-462-3841.

Our Commitment to the Community

Our Carolina attorneys are committed to benefiting the communities in which we live and work.

The people in our office volunteer locally by providing continuing legal education to improve the practice of defense law, publishing legal materials to help people better understand the legal system, and serving the North Carolina Advocates for Justice.

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