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McQuarrie Legal Services is a flourishing Surrey-based, multi-practice law firm optimally equipped to serve businesses, individuals, and institutions in the Lower Mainland and across British Columbia.

The law firm of McQuarrie Hunter LLP dates back to 1936 when Colin D. McQuarrie was called to the Bar in British Columbia and established a practice in New Westminster. In 1967, his law firm, McQuarrie and Company, merged with three long-established New Westminster firms:

Hunter and Pettenuzzo (est. 1960)

Fisher and Gates (est. 1958)

and MacKinnon and Pearce (est. 1954).

The firm, known initially as McQuarrie Hunter Fisher MacKinnon Gates Pettenuzzo and Pearce, was renamed McQuarrie Hunter in 1978.

All seven founding partners were appointed Queen’s Counsel during their respective legal careers. Both Colin D. McQuarrie and Thomas K. Fisher served as Treasurer of the Law Society of British Columbia. Thomas K. Fisher was appointed to the County Court of British Columbia in 1977 and Gordon MacKinnon to the Supreme Court of British Columbia in 1978.

Over the years, the firm has thrived through preserving its founders’ traditions of legal service excellence coupled with a dedication to our clients and communities.

From the beginning, McQuarrie Hunter LLP has had offices in both New Westminster and Surrey. In 2003, McQuarrie Hunter merged with the neighboring law firm of Worthington, David & Company, adding a second Surrey office.

In December 2010, the firm consolidated its three branches into one state-of-the-art office in Surrey’s Central City Tower, through which it continues to serve British Columbians proudly.

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  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Family Law
  • Insurance Law
  • Personal Injury Litigation
  • Real Estate Law

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