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Kelley | Uustal is a nationally recognized, award-winning law firm based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Founded by Robert Kelley and John Uustal, they are dedicated to fighting for justice by protecting victims and punishing intentional wrongdoing and negligence.

They dig. They work. They do what it takes to deliver Personal Victories for their clients.

Their track record of success includes fighting against some of the largest corporations in the world and recovering over a quarter of a billion dollars in compensation for the injured. Their unique Forensic Discovery Methodology allows the firm to reverse-engineer the scene of an accident, injury, or product malfunction.

The firm’s attorneys, along with engineers, doctors and scientists, trace the root causes of a personal tragedy back to its earliest and truest origin: often all the way back to the manufacturing facility or corporate boardroom. K|U's work has resulted in safer vehicles, safer products and ultimately, safer consumers.

Outside the courtroom, Kelley | Uustal is dedicated to improving the lives not just of their clients, but of everyone in their community. To that end, they regularly partner with local and national charities and organizations.

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Top Listed City Awards

  • Top Listed in Fort Lauderdale in Medical Malpractice Law - Plaintiffs with 5 lawyers
  • Top Listed in Fort Lauderdale in Personal Injury Litigation - Plaintiffs with 6 lawyers
  • Top Listed in Fort Lauderdale in Product Liability Litigation - Plaintiffs with 4 lawyers

Firm Practice Areas

  • Employment Law - Individuals
  • Medical Malpractice Law - Plaintiffs
  • Personal Injury Litigation - Plaintiffs
  • Product Liability Litigation - Plaintiffs
  • Qui Tam Law

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Fort Lauderdale, FL

500 North Federal Highway, Suite 200

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

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(954) 522.6601

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