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146 Davenport Road
Toronto, ON M5R 1J2

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Fogelman Law is a family law firm with the expertise and experience to handle the most complex family law matters.

For creative, efficient, and thoughtful resolution of your family matter, call Fogelman Law.

Fogelman Law mediates, arbitrates, and advocates on behalf of family law clients.

Herschel Fogelman is a Lexpert-listed Best Family Lawyer who mediates, arbitrates, and advocates family law matters. Herschel’s innovative private case management approach can help you resolve your case faster, and in a manner that’s sensitive to the needs of all parties.

Erin Chaiton-Murray is a senior associate at Fogelman Law. Erin’s family law experience and Masters of Social Work help her manage the delicate human dynamics and parenting issues in family conflict resolution.


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