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16th Floor, One London Place
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London, ON N6A 5R8

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The litigation law firm of Advocates LLP is the successor to Thompson Corbett Webster LLP. Started in 1996, the firm has been a pioneer in the use of integrated computer technology and its application in the practice of law. Employing voice recognition software, computerized legal research and law firm management and accounting software from its inception, the firm eliminated the need for layers of staff and, at the same time, established its reputation for being able to respond with unmatched quickness to complex litigation matters, such as injunctions.

The firm maintains its advantage through an unparalleled expertise, across the firm, in the use of integrated electronic document imaging and integrated electronic transcript and document management. Advocates offers clients a mix of skills they are unlikely to encounter elsewhere with senior, experienced litigation lawyers who, themselves, are able to implement the information technology needed to be successful in modern litigation

Advocates believes that no law firm can be all things to all people and, from its inception, chose to restrict its practice to litigation and dispute resolution in the areas of commercial & corporate litigation, construction litigation, environmental litigation, employment litigation, estate litigation, tax litigation and professional negligence litigation. These are complex areas of the law where clients are best served by experienced lawyers.

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  • Construction Law

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