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Medical Malpractice: Whose Responsibility Is It, Anyway?

Guy DuBeau

"In Wisconsin, medical malpractice cases are based on two distinct theories of liability: negligence and lack of informed consent."

Don't forget the laws of human nature

Christopher R. Sackett

Remember these 10 'laws of human nature' during the deal-making process.

Condominium Construction and the Second "Final" Closeout

Christopher J. Weiss

"Owners, contractors and developers should possess knowledge of Statutes of Limitations, statutes of repose applicable to construction defects. They should understand what latent and patent defects are well prior to the bid phase or commencement of contract negotiations."

Change of Venue: A Holistic Approach

Kevin L. Ross

"The place of trial" can be used as an effective tool in gaining advantage in the courtroom.

An Arizona Lender's Guide to Loan Modifications

Michael P. Ripp

This informative guide details multiple insights into legal issues surrounding loan modification.

The Brave New World of Patient Protection and Affordable Care

Gary R. Pannone

Health care is evolving, and it is important to be informed about the new changes in the industry.

Corruption Inquiry Into the 2022 World Cup: A Qatar own Goal Could Mean Australia Hosts

Annette Hughes

After Qatar was announced as the host of the 2022 World Cup there were speculations that corruption was to blame. See the key legal issues presented in this story.

Exercise Caution When Granting Year-End Bonuses

Jerry L. Stovall, Jr.

Find out which four elements must be met in order for a bonus to not be included in an employee's regular rate.

What Is Reasonable Suspicion To Stop a Vehicle In North Carolina?

Bill Powers

Read the recent opinion by the North Carolina Supreme Court regarding the legal basis for “stopping” a vehicle suspected of impaired driving.

Protecting Workers From Heat Stress

Stephen T. Parascandola

With warmer temperatures comes more OSHA enforcement involving heat-related illness.

Are You Awake?

Peter W. Kryworuk

"Whenever asking someone to sign a document you expect to be legally binding, make sure you ask “Are you awake?”"

Asset Protection for the Small Business Owner

S. Ward Greene

This brief overview details how to protect yourself and your assets as a small business owner.

30 Years of Best Lawyers

Chuck Paulson

Chuck Paulson

Promises Kept

Kenneth J. Allen Law Group

Ken Allen honors his roots by fighting for clients

30 Years of Best Lawyers

James A. Strain

James A. Strain

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