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For over 60 years, and with more than 200 years combined experience, West Virginia has turned to the legal team of lawyers from DiTrapano Barrett DiPiero McGinley & Simmons, PLLC in Charleston, West Virginia for top quality representation. The firm's team of attorneys have tried and won, or litigated and settled, many personal injury and accident cases, wrongful death cases, medical malpractice, coal mining injuries and accidents, car and truck accidents, serious workplace accident cases, defective product cases, employment cases, and a wide range of business and commercial litigation.

To achieve its successes, DiTrapano Barrett DiPiero McGinley & Simmons, PLLC has seven lawyers with tremendous experience. The firm's lawyers work as a team, and the diverse backgrounds and unique talents of the firm's attorneys, four of whom are listed in "Best Lawyers," enable DiTrapano Barrett DiPiero McGinley & Simmons, PLLC to handle each client’s case with insight, understanding, and preparedness.

The firm's lawyers' experience include working as an assistant United States’ Attorney, and holding prestigious judicial clerkships, working closely with judges in the federal Court of Appeals and United States District Courts, as well as with the Supreme Court of West Virginia.

The firm has represented West Virginia state agencies for more than thirty years and has been involved in high-profile public cases. The firm represented the State Treasurer’s office in a fraudulent investment advice case that recovered tens of millions of dollars for the state. The firm helped recover more than $60 Million on behalf of the State workers’ compensation fund from mining companies who were using contract miners and ran up huge unpaid debts. The firm represents the State’s largest newspaper and has represented two West Virginia governors. Rudy DiTrapano was state chair of the West Virginia Democratic Party.

The firm is proud of its decades long reputation of excellence in helping West Virginians that continues today as strong as ever. DiTrapano Barrett DiPiero McGinley & Simmons, PLLC remains dedicated to this long tradition of top quality legal representation and helping its clients by remaining one of the most successful law firms in West Virginia.

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