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Feldman Gale’s reputation rests on obtaining favorable results for our clients: From its inception, Feldman Gale has been guided by a single goal: to provide effective and innovative legal solutions to its clients.

We recognize that in most business disputes, the emphasis is on “business,” and success may be defined as much in terms of competitive advantage, employee relations, shareholder concerns, and the cost of representation as in courtroom victories. We always strive to understand what is at stake to determine our client’s priorities, and to adjust our strategy as needed to obtain the best result for our client. We do not litigate by formula or confine ourselves to traditional notions of winning and losing and we will not hesitate to recommend and pursue alternatives to litigation when doing so best serves our client’s interests.

At the same time, Feldman Gale’s attorneys are seasoned trial lawyers and will not hesitate to aggressively prosecute or defend legal actions through verdict, judgment and subsequent appeal when that alternative best suits our client’s objectives. Time and again, the attorneys of Feldman Gale have utilized their legal acumen and persuasive abilities to successfully litigate intellectual property and other commercial litigation disputes.

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