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Entertainment law cannot be reduced to a single area of legal expertise, but comprises all matters that the business practices of the entertainment industry encompass. The definition of entertainment is becoming wider, but the easiest way to define it would be: industries and individuals, creating, providing services, and producing with the aim of entertaining end users.

Entertainment law practitioners assist individuals or corporations in understanding and complying with these legal requirements. Therefore, the broad classification of entertainment law often covers different legal practice areas, including intellectual property, contracts, business, advertising, international, consumers and end users, agency, social media, new technologies, and/or litigation. 

The lawyer may have general experience within the entertainment industries, to have knowledge of the commercial practice elements of entertainment law, to operate, and to assess the impact of the law upon them.

In practice, entertainment attorneys advise on a variety of legal issues most commonly faced by a variety of related industries, including film, music recording, advertising, publishing, theatre, new technologies, merchandising, gaming and software, social media in the broader sense, and sports. Entertainment industry is constantly evolving, and lawyers need to be updated to analyse all the new horizons opening from a legal point of view. New professions are created: bloggers, YouTubers, Instagramers, and the brand value and the image right of these new influencers must comply with all the legal regulation.

The role of the lawyer should be preventive through legal advice in order to comply with all the legal requirements but the role should be also to act against any infringement or problem occurred. Entertainment law is a very litigious area, giving rise to conflict and disputes, with strong use of arbitration (eg. IFTA). As a result, a strong litigation department it is also mandatory in addition to the legal advice department.  

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