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What’s the most pressing legal issue in your region? Is there a landmark case in the works, or new legislation resulting from current cases? Maybe there’s a legal perspective on a new technology, business practice, or civil procedure that you feel should be brought to light? What do you think will be the biggest challenge in your specialty in the upcoming year?

We invite members of the legal community to submit articles for our Legal Insights section on All articles will be considered for publication in a print edition of Best Lawyers magazine, as well as online at Lawyers in non-private practice, such as judges, public defenders, corporate counsel, non-legal executives, professors, and legal experts also are encouraged to submit.

Guidelines for Article Submissions

If you would like to submit an article for consideration, it must be exclusive content. It should not be a press release, promotional advertisement, or a previously published work of any kind. (Press releases should be sent to; sponsored content inquiries should be emailed to

Your article should include a strong thesis about an issue surrounding a specific facet of the law and articulate how that issue impacts business, society, individuals, governance, and the like. Preference for immediate publication will be given to topical, timely commentary infused with legal insight and written in a clear, conversational tone.

Scholarly papers, op-ed pieces, and qualitative reporting also are encouraged. International authors are especially encouraged to submit.

The submission should be between 500 to 1,500 jargon-free words, submitted as the body of an email rather than an attachment. The subject line of the email should contain the phrase, “LEGAL INSIGHTS.” A brief précis should be included at the top of your email, along with the author's email address and phone number. Handwritten, scanned, or PDF articles will not be considered.

We will contact authors on timely articles that are of interest to us as soon as possible. Due to the large volume of submissions, please do not call to confirm receipt or check on your submission’s status until 10 business days have elapsed. Accepted articles will be assigned to our editorial calendar at the discretion of the managing editor.

All submissions should be directed to the Legal Insights Editor at

For reprints of an article that has appeared in a previous Best Lawyers magazine or Legal Insights posting, please contact a Legal Media Specialist at

Journalists interested in writing for Best Lawyers magazines should submit three clips, a current curricula vitae, and five topics of interest to contribute to

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