Imagine a rule of law centered law firm with a lean business model that leverages technology, has an innovative mindset, and is progressive. Instead of a law firm that rates itself on the metrics of profits per partner, size, and billable hours, think of a law firm that is client focused, employee centered, and community minded, with a pro bono practice woven into its fabric. What if there is a law firm that is built for the future, not set in the past?

Welcome to Kalon. The Small Firm Who Can.

Our Vision: Fair resolution of disputes by a rule of law centered process.

Our Mission: Zealously serving the interests of our clients by addressing their legal challenges and opportunities so they can achieve their objectives. Serving the interests of our people by providing the intrinsic motivations of purpose, mastery, and autonomy. Serving the interests of our community by promoting the rule of law.We aspire to be a law firm that promotes social good through a social entrepreneurship model.

Our Value Proposition: We offer our clients efficient solutions delivered by lawyers operating with a lean business model and no billable goals. Kalon is for individuals and businesses who seek counsel driven by client goals, are unencumbered by overhead, and pursue efficient solutions,Furthermore, because of our unique culture, we are a desirable employer, and can be very selective in whom we hire. Our professionals learn the Kalon Core Skills, work in teams, and follow the Kalon Way (including our litigation project management process, Compass) so our clients get consistent, high quality representation. For you, that means better results for less.    

Our Story: “Kalon” is a word used by ancient Greek philosophers to describe certain ideals they held.We had a vision of a better law firm for ourselves, for our clients, and for our community, leveraging technology, innovative business models, and the innate motivators of purpose, mastery, and autonomy. We also wanted a law firm with a pro bono practice woven into its fabric.It takes courage to build and launch something new, so we built a network of supporters and mentors and looked for ways to give back and pay it forward constantly.We launched on June 1, 2017.We built our home in a loft in the historic Colt building, but by being digital, have extended our reach to anywhere we have an internet connection. Our lean business strategy has reduced our overhead, while our technology has increased our effectiveness. Our Kalon Core Skills help us deliver legal services according to the Kalon Way. Our clients get more than just a lawyer. They get Kalon.True to our vision of a better law firm, we created a pro bono clinic, established the Kalon Fellowship, host Salons, and are building Cicero, an advocacy project.Some doubt our vision and hold on to old ways of thinking. We embrace the new ways, progress, and our vision.And we are just beginning.

Our Philosophy: Kalon is rule of law centered. As a “rule of law firm,” we advocate for our clients, both individuals and organizations, whether they be a plaintiff or a defendant, for their rights under the law.We have a startup mentality, which means our vision and mission are our priorities and we persistently innovate, learn, and pivot to reach those goals. Kalon plays the long game. We are committed to being intentional about our culture, providing intrinsic motivation to our people, and pursuing our clients’ objectives, which we believe help create the ideal firm. Our practice is guided by an ethical compass. We keep a beginner’s mind, embrace diversity as a strength, and are always learning. We seek to give back and pay it forward, be responsible members of our community, and act with gratitude. Our model does not privilege profit. We understand law is a business but embrace it as a profession.

Sustainability: Because we can work anywhere, we do not have mandatory commutes every morning, reducing our carbon footprint. Because we are digital, we use less paper and the produce less waste. Both of these approaches allow us a smaller office, further reducing our footprint.

Kalon: Established June 1, 2017.

Management & Demographics

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  • Arbitration
  • Insurance Law
  • Mediation
  • Personal Injury Litigation - Defendants

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