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Taylor & Ryan, LLC, is a boutique practice devoted exclusively to immigration law. Frances O'Connell Taylor and Mary E. Ryan have practiced in the area of immigration law for approximately 40 years combined. Each has a background in employment law which has proven invaluable in advising employers on compliance with immigration laws as well as in developing effective immigration strategies and procedures.

Taylor & Ryan has experience with both employment-based and family-based immigration. A large part of the practice focuses on obtaining permanent residence (green cards), as well as non-immigrant work visas (H-1Bs, H-2Bs, L-1s, TNs, O-1s and Ps), for information systems professionals, researchers, scientists and college professors, physicians and nurses, and other highly skilled employees working in healthcare, manufacturing, education, construction, computer consulting, and biomedical research, among other fields. Taylor & Ryan has obtained national interest waivers for artists, business people, and research scientists across many diverse fields, including biomedical engineering, pharmacology, physics, cross-cultural counseling, international trade, and other fields of endeavor. Additionally, Taylor & Ryan assists institutions and their J-1 workers in seeking waivers of home residence requirements.

Taylor & Ryan has keen insight into the issues faced by human resource professionals who must manage a mobile workforce and ensure corporate compliance with complex immigration laws, while working with employees to meet their individual immigration goals. Taylor & Ryan offers efficient and effective representation in complex immigration matters to companies and individuals by relying on sophisticated case management technology, solid knowledge of the field, and a wealth of experience.


Mary Ryan
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