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Ruloff, Swain, Haddad, Morecock, Talbert & Woodward, PC
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Virginia Beach, VA 23451
United States
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Who are you going to call if you have a significant personal injury case or a medical malpractice case? Certainly, you have lots of options. You can pick up the Yellow Pages and find hundreds of advertisements. You can turn on the television at any time, day or night, and hear advertisements for dozens of lawyers. Unfortunately, for a lot of people, that is the extent of their knowledge of lawyers and that is how they select their lawyer. There is a better way. There is an independent service which publishes a list of “The Best Lawyers in America” on a yearly basis. To be included in the listing, one has to be recommended by another attorney and one has to pass a rigorous review process. This is one of the few lists of lawyers that has nothing to do with how much you are willing to spend on advertising or how popular you are for one reason or another. It is based on skill, and on the respect that you’ve generated within the legal community. If you are looking for a lawyer in Virginia Beach to handle a significant personal injury case or medical malpractice case, the choice is really simple. In Virginia Beach, five lawyers who have made the list work for RULOFF,SWAIN, HADDAD MORECOCK, TALBERT & WOODWARD, P.C. Robert Haddad, Ed Rafal, Steve Swain and Lawrence H. Woodward, Jr. have been recognized by their peers for their accomplishments in the field.

Similarly, if you are looking for a criminal defense lawyer in Virginia Beach, the choice is just as simple. There are only a few lawyers listed in Virginia Beach who have been recognized for their expertise in criminal defense. Three of those attorneys, likewise, work for the firm of SHUTTLEWORTH, RULOFF, SWAIN, HADDAD & MORECOCK, P.C. Robert Morecock and Lawrence H. Woodward, Jr. have been handling criminal cases for more than 20 years and were selected for the list.

You are not going to hear these names in advertisements. RULOFF, SWAIN, HADDAD MORECOCK, TALBERT & WOODWARD, P.C. and their attorneys choose to concentrate on being good at what they do, rather than trying to create the illusion of being good at what they do. If you need a lawyer for a significant personal injury case or a medical malpractice case or a criminal matter, please think twice before you select your lawyer because you have heard of them on television or because they have a fancy ad in the Yellow Pages. Please do your homework, ask around, and when you have completed your investigation and decide you want the best lawyer rather than the best advertiser, come and see us.

Top Listed City Awards

  • Top Listed in Virginia Beach in Medical Malpractice Law - Plaintiffs with 4 lawyers
  • Top Listed in Virginia Beach in Personal Injury Litigation - Plaintiffs with 4 lawyers

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  • Corporate Law
  • Criminal Defense: General Practice
  • Criminal Defense: White-Collar
  • Medical Malpractice Law - Plaintiffs
  • Personal Injury Litigation - Defendants
  • Personal Injury Litigation - Plaintiffs
  • Product Liability Litigation - Defendants
  • Product Liability Litigation - Plaintiffs
  • Real Estate Law
  • Sports Law

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