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New Chambers comprises some of Australia’s most highly respected barristers. We currently have 45 barristers, including 16 senior counsel. Our barristers practice across all fields of law.

New Chambers fosters exceptional talent and promotes diversity and inclusion across its membership. We practise in courts, tribunals and inquiries throughout Australia and internationally, as well as in all forms of alternative dispute resolution including arbitration and mediation.

For further information and to brief barristers from New Chambers, please contact the Clerk of Chambers, Ian Belshaw, on + 61 2 9151 2080 or at

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Melbourne, Australia

Ninian Stephen Chambers

Level 38, 140 William Street

Melbourne VIC 3000


61 3 9225 7078

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Sydney, Australia

Levels 33 & 34

126 Phillip Street

DX 187

Sydney NSW 2000


61 2 9151 2060

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