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Foreman & Company is a boutique class actions law firm representing individuals and businesses who have suffered loss or injury due to misconduct on a widespread scale. By establishing a group or class, we harness the power of many with the singular goal of finding justice.

We look to the future by taking inspiration from the successful cases of our past. To us, there is no better experience than knowing that we applied our skills with determination to solve a problem in a way that makes people’s lives better.

We have pursued employers who failed to pay the pension benefits they owed to retired employees, lenders who were overcharging vulnerable borrowers, record labels that failed to pay intellectual property royalties to artists, publicly traded companies who misled their shareholders, and multinational cartels that fixed the prices of a wide range of products to name a few - and we have made those companies pay the people they hurt.

In class action cases there is power in gathering together the right team for every unique case. To this end, Foreman & Company strategically builds strong relationships with some of Canada's premier law firms who both refer cases to us and act as co-counsel in other cases.


Jonathan Foreman
Founder and Partner


Jonathan Foreman
Founder and Partner

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  • Class Action Litigation

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