The employment equation is changing. The old ways of doing business, the cookie-cutter approach to managing a workforce, using the standard employment litigation playbook – no longer cuts it. You now live in a new world where dynamics exist between worker and employer that demand a more thoughtful and creative management approach. Where your capacity to be flexible and adapt to fluid circumstances will determine your relevance in the marketplace. Where your ability to leverage cutting-edge technology in all aspects of your business could be the difference between success and failure.

Fisher Phillips is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the modern employer. We recognize there are new equations at play that have changed not merely the workforce, but the way employment cases themselves are litigated – including the tools and technology at our disposal, the enhanced ways we now collaborate with our colleagues and clients, and our deep commitment to diversity and inclusion. We invite you to spend some time on our website checking us out. But make sure to bookmark the page and come back often, because we promise we’re constantly changing – to not only keep up with the times, but to stay ahead of the curve.

Innovative Technology + Client Focus = The Modern Law Firm

We’ve made a robust investment in technology that puts us in the lead when it comes to innovation, but not because we want to be the firm with the most bells and whistles. It’s because we know this is the best way to serve our clients in today’s world. While we’re a tech-driven firm, our innovations are built on the foundation of our attorneys providing practical solutions to your workplace problems. It’s because we keep an ever-present eye on people and the challenges you face every day that we can leverage our technology to serve you.

Data Analytics + Skilled Litigators = Cutting Edge Representation

One of the tech solutions we’re most proud of is the ability to mine an astounding amount of data relating to all aspects of litigation to position ourselves – and your legal matters – for the best possible outcomes. When we put these innovative analytics into the hands of our skilled litigators, you unleash a powerful force that is second-to-none when it comes to representing employers in court, mediation, agency hearings, and all other settings.

Diversity + Inclusion = Success

Our commitment to diversity has been well-chronicled, and it’s led to national recognition for the way we not only support but champion our BIPOC, women, LGBTQ, disabled, and other diverse attorneys and staff. We’re proud of our awards and worked hard to earn them. But awards are meaningless if we don’t honor the spirit behind them each day. We’re a stronger law firm when we ensure that a wide diversity of voices helps fuel our actions. We know that our work in this space is ongoing, and we are incredibly energized when we think about what the future holds.

Insights + Practical Guidance = Power

We produce a constant stream of thought leadership updating our clients about the latest trends, developments, prevention options, and insights related to all aspects of labor and employment law. But we know you’re bombarded with information from all angles each day. That’s why we do something different: each of our insights doesn’t just tell you what happened, we take it a step beyond and tell you what you should do as a result. This sets us apart – and will set you up for success in your role, giving you practical information that is pure power at your fingertips. Go ahead and subscribe to our Insights to get on the receiving end of these tools.

Collaboration + Excellence = Premier Client Service

Our firm is greater than the sum of our parts, and that’s no accident. We have quite purposefully and deliberately ensured that any attorney and professional staff who joins our ranks prizes collegiality and shares our commitment to excellence. While many successful partners have chosen to bring their practices to our firm, attracted by our entrepreneurial culture and transparent compensation system, it’s the opportunity to practice with other exceptional lawyers that makes us better as a whole. Not only do our lawyers have cutting-edge Knowledge Management resources to enable us to work seamlessly across offices and handle the most complex problems in sync with one another, it’s our willingness to collaborate with each other that ensures each client gets the very best service a law firm can offer.

We also understand that our attorneys work best when they collaborate on business and legal solutions with our clients. To that end, we have developed a state-of-the-art extranet platform – FP Collab – that allows our clients to monitor their legal caseload and spend, and provides resources to help them run their business in this new employment equation.

Management & Demographics
Management & Personnel
Chairman and Managing Partner, Member - Management Committee
Chairman Emeritus and Member - Management Committee
Member - Management Committee
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Business Development and Marketing Officer
Chief Talent Officer
Chief Information Officer
Director of Research & Knowledge Services, Library
Director of Facilities
Chief Diversity Officer
Male: 133
Female: 43
Asian: 4
Black / African American: 5
Hispanic / Latinx: 3
White / Caucasian: 162
Of Counsel (but not partners)
Male: 23
Female: 23
Asian: 1
Black / African American: 2
Hispanic / Latinx: 3
White / Caucasian: 40
Male: 61
Female: 56
American Indian / Alaskan Native: 1
Asian: 10
Black / African American: 8
Hispanic / Latinx: 4
White / Caucasian: 85
Multi-Racial: 6
Other Lawyers
Male: 14
Female: 3
Hispanic / Latinx: 1
White / Caucasian: 15
Multi-Racial: 1
Attorney Management / Department Heads
Male: 9
Female: 1
Hispanic / Latinx: 1
White / Caucasian: 9
  • Corey Companies
  • Equifax Inc.
  • General Dynamics/Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.
  • Gwinnett Hospital System, Inc.
  • Heidelberg USA
  • Hennessey Motors, Inc.
  • Holder Construction
  • InComm
  • J&M Tank Lines
  • Mansfield Oil Company
  • National Distributing Company
  • Norfolk Southern Corporation
  • Toyota Engineering & Manufacturing
  • United Distributors, Inc.
About Our Clients
Fisher Phillips represents employers in a broad range of industries including hospitality, healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, credit unions, banks and financial institutions, private schools, colleges and universities, state and local governments, legal and professional service firms, insurance and related services, and non-profit organizations.We are national and local, with attorneys admitted in just about every U.S. jurisdiction. We represent a wide range of public and private employers. Our clients include employers in the agriculture, automotive manufacturing, automobile dealership, banking, broadcasting, casino and gaming, construction, health care, hospitality, insurance, legal and professional services, manufacturing, mining, real estate, retail, technology, transportation, and wholesale and distribution industries, as well as state and local government entities, non-profit organizations, schools, colleges and universities.
Kristen Nesbit\Karl Lindegren
California Litigation
Cheryl L. Behymer\Thomas P. Rebel
Affirmative Action and Federal Contract Compliance
(803) 255-0000\(404) 240-4255
Risa Boerner
Data Security and Workplace Privacy
(610) 230-2132
Suzanne K. Bogdan
(954) 847-4705
Sheldon Blumling
Employee Benefits
(949) 798-2127
Michael Elkon/Robert Yonowitz
Employee Defection & Trade Secrets
Richard Meneghello\John Polson
Gig Economy
(503) 205-8044\(949) 798-2130
Rick Grimaldi\Ben Ebbink
Government Relations
Andria Ryan\Alden Parker
Hospitality Industry
William Wright
International Employment
(610) 230-2137
Cheryl Behymer\Kathleen Caminiti\Cheryl Pinarchick
Pay Equity
Edward Harold
Retail Industry
(504) 592-3801
J. Hagood Tighe\Kathleen Caminiti
Wage and Hour
(803) 200-0000
Travis Vance\Todd Logsdon
Workplace Safety and Catastrophe Management

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