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Fernelius Simon Mace Robertson Perdue PLLC
LyondellBasell Tower, Suite 3200
1221 McKinney Street
Houston, TX 77010-2011
United States
(713) 654.1200

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Fernelius Simon Mace Robertson Perdue PLLC was established to achieve one goal: combine years of trial experience with the highest level of client responsiveness and service to achieve successful results.

From our founding, we have had one goal: success for our clients. Year after year, we have accomplished this goal through intensity, creativity, and uncompromised integrity.

We cut our teeth on “bet the company” litigation. Today, we offer years of front-line experience in every aspect of high-risk litigation: from arbitrating multimillion-dollar commercial disputes to handling trials involving multiple fatalities. Yet, even when the stakes are high, our charges are fair.

We address every case with trial in mind. True litigators settle for nothing less: This approach yields the best results.

FS Law delivers what its clients seek: success.

At FS Law:

Every litigation matter is unique.

Every litigation matter is significant.

Every litigation matter is an investment.

We believe that communication is critical.  Communicating with you — early and often — ensures that we identify, meet, and even exceed your objectives.

We also understand the importance of economics.  We staff for litigation to ensure that we are not just effective, but also efficient. And we’ll offer you alternative / creative fee arrangements that suit your business model.

We pride ourselves on delivering the service you deserve while achieving the results you seek.  We invite you to examine our practice areas and list of representative clients to determine if FS Law is the right firm for you.

Litigation at a true boutique firm

You won’t find layers of lawyers and a bloated administrative staff at FS Law. We focus, instead, on efficiency and effectiveness. You’ll work closely with the lawyer who knows your case, and the applicable law, inside and out. Not all law firms agree with this approach, but—not surprisingly—almost all clients do.

By using the latest legal technologies and resources, we have developed ever-evolving practice efficiencies that benefit our clients financially. Whether we are representing an individual or a corporate client involved in multibillion-dollar litigation, we have proved—time and again—that we can provide first-class legal services at a fair and reasonable price.

Benefit from our unique experience.

We represent select individuals and small businesses on plaintiff matters, including catastrophic injury and death, fraud, and commercial disputes.

Our experience in high-stakes corporate litigation has honed our tactical skills in creating maximum leverage for our plaintiff clients. We can apply the right degree of pressure—at just the right time—to drive your case forward to success. For example, we:

  • Represented a family-owned business against its insurance carrier for failing to abide by its contractual obligations. 
  • Successfully pursued wrongful-death and survival claims on behalf of a family whose son was killed.
  • Achieved a favorable recovery for an individual and small-business owner who suffered major injuries due to the negligent conduct of another corporation’s employee.
  • Pursued slander-of-title claims and negotiated a favorable settlement for a private landowner. 

Your partner in litigation

When you select FS Law, you’re choosing a true partner in your important lawsuit. We, too, are selective: We take only those cases that we believe in.

Our litigation approach is custom tailored to achieve your objectives. You will work closely with your lead attorney—not shuffled off to a go-between. Your attorney will be available to you around the clock if needed.

You can count on us to diligently pursue your claim and offer you the highest level of service. Because you, your family, and your business deserve the best.


Firm Practice Areas

  • Mass Tort Litigation / Class Actions - Defendants
  • Personal Injury Litigation - Plaintiffs