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Avi Bitton law firm practices French and international employment law, personal injury, criminal law and litigation, in various industry sectors (new technologies, entertainment, publishing, clothing, financial services, …).

Avi Bitton law firm was founded in 2005 and is composed of eight lawyers and five jurists. Avi Bitton law firm advises and defends more than 2 000 clients, particularly companies, public institutions, ambassies and consulates, trade unions, non-for-profit organisations, …).

Avi Bitton currently serves as a Member of the Disciplinary Council for lawyers of the Paris Bar (2013, 2018 and 2019). He has been elected, in 2009, and reelected, in 2012, as a Representative of the Paris Bar Council, which is the official regulatory and disciplinary authority of the Paris Bar. He has also been elected also, in 2011, and reelected, in 2014, as Representative to the National Council of the Bars, which is the official regulatory authority of the French bars.

Avi Bitton law firm is consulted by the Government on a regular basis regarding legal reforms: Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Employment, Parliament (“Assemblée nationale”).

Avi Bitton law firm has been recommended by Legal 500 for its expertise in employment law and criminal law.

We often publish articles and comment cases in the media, national or international, with our clients’ approval.

Avi Bitton law firm works on a regular basis in co-operation with foreign law firms, particularly in Canada, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Latvia. Our lawyers speak fluently English and Portugese. 

Avi Bitton law firm is recognised as a leading law firm in all areas of employment law:

- Employment law:

* Employment contract (CDI, CDD, …)

* Working hours (extra work hours, part-time work, …)

* Dismissal, redundancyAmicable settlement

- Workers union law:

* Professional elections of employees representatives

* Appointment of workers union representatives ("délégué syndical")

- Criminal employment law:

* Illegal employment (‘travail dissimulé’)

* Discrimination and harassment

* Safety and work conditions, industrial accidents


  • Recommended by Legal 500, in 2015 and 2016, for its expertise in employment law and criminal law:

    « Avi Bitton is made of a team ‘very reactive, capable of providing astute advice and to anticipate the other party’s defence in sensitive disputes,


Avi Bitton
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  • Arbitration and Mediation
  • Criminal Defense
  • Labor and Employment Law
  • Litigation