Perhaps more than anyone else practicing today, Benedict Morelli knows what it takes to win in the high-stakes world of civil trial law. After all, he has personally handled some of the biggest cases to ever hit our country’s courtrooms, aggressively and effectively advocating for his clients in cases involving everything from workplace sexual harassment, to catastrophic vehicle collision and construction site injuries, to defective drugs and medical devices. Mr. Morelli and his firm are renowned for fearlessly fighting for their clients’ rights in the face of powerful adversaries, including the world’s largest pharmaceutical corporations, banks, and retailers.

Mr. Morelli and his firm believe 100 percent in every case and client they take. For them, advocating for victims’ rights is not only a job—it’s a calling.

"We give voice to the voiceless," says Morelli, who has litigated nearly every type of civil case imaginable in his long, illustrious career. "Advocating for the average person against formidable opponents is at the heart of what we do."

Many of Morelli Law Firm’s successes are due to the rigorous pretrial preparation and the bold, take-no-prisoners approach they take every time in court. But the firm’s fundamental tenet that has played a hand in Mr. Morelli and his firm securing billions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for its clients is relatively simple: Experience plus commitment equals results.