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Dussias Wittenberg Koenigsberger

Family lawyer Dean S. Dussias and business lawyer A. Thomas Skallas founded Dussias Skallas because, although they were already serving clients at the highest level, they realized they could be even better together. They’ve joined forces in order to be able to build integrated teams with resources and expertise precisely suited to the matter at hand.

Conventional wisdom has long held that family law practices kept their work entirely separate from business law. But the complex
business ownership structures, entrepreneurial ventures, and dual career families of the 21st century world defy these conventions,
requiring expertise from the realms of corporate law, trusts and estates, family law, and more. In the past, clients who wanted all of this expertise around one table had to hire multiple firms or limit their search to a few super-size firms who claimed to be able to do it all. Dussias Skallas Wittenberg, with its integrated approach, represents a new option. Dussias Skallas Wittenberg are “family lawyers who understand your business and business lawyers who understand your family.”

Dussias Skallas Wittenberg clients include entrepreneurs, key executives, and other high-profile individuals and families. The firm’s business attorneys are adept at handling a range of needs for closely held businesses, from corporate transactional and real estate work to highstakes litigation, mergers and acquisitions, and succession planning. In partnership with the firm’s family lawyers, they personally work with owners and shareholders to preserve and grow business assets for future generations.

Dussias Skallas Wittenberg's family law team handles divorce, custody, and other sensitive matters with discretion and skill, resolving conflicts through negotiated settlements and, when necessary, litigation. They zealously endeavor to ensure clients protect their financial interests and the enterprises they’ve built, even as they navigate the challenges of separation and divorce.