On the subject of health care law, Cynthia J. Warren’s passion is evident. “I don’t understand how other people do anything else,” she states. “I like my clients. I like [that] they’re trying to help people.”


Before embarking on her career as a lawyer, Warren worked in the health care business for 15 years, and when she finally decided to attend Boston University for her J.D., health care law was an organic practice area to pursue. “A lot of people in my family are physicians and other kinds of health care providers,” Warren notes. “So I’ve always felt a particular empathy for them.”

Representing medical practices, including hospitals, home health agencies involving assisted living, nursing homes, and more, Warren has vast experience helping health care providers succeed. She assisted in the formation of a physician practice that successfully allowed the physicians to work autonomously and aided the acquisition of a Rhode Island hospital by a national company that went on to contribute enough money for the hospital to thrive.


“Health care has become one of our most important sectors in the economy,” Warren said. “It’s always changing, and there’s always something interesting to learn. It’s an area where you can be a generalist or [have] a very specific audience, so it’s just endlessly interesting.”


When it comes to the personal characteristics that allow Warren to be successful in her work as a health care law practitioner, she says, “I would like to say incredible intelligence, but I don’t really think it’s that. I really think it’s being there for people. Being available and responsive to your clients is the most important thing you can do as a lawyer of any kind, and I work hard to do both.”


Warren is active in the community. She is president of the Audubon Society of Rhode Island and provides pro bono services to various non-profit organizations. She also gives presentations and composes articles on a variety of health care topics, including Stark Law, joint venture options, fiduciary duties of directors, Tarasoff, physician recruitment and employment, HIPAA, and other patient confidentiality issues. Warren has been with Cameron & Mittleman since 2014 and has been listed with Best Lawyers® for her work in health care law since 2009.