Frequently Asked Questions

Megaphone Inclusions & Announcements

How are attorneys notified of their listing in Best Lawyers?
Lawyers who receive enough votes to be listed are contacted, typically via email, with an inclusion letter. If we have a designated contact for a law firm, those contacts also receive a complete list of the attorneys included from their law firm.
When are attorneys notified of their inclusion?
Release dates vary by country. The Best Lawyers in America list has traditionally been released in August.
Which of my lawyers made the list?
If you are marked as a Firm Contact in our system, you will receive an automatic email notification with your list of lawyers included in the new edition. You can also find this information on your Firm Administrative Page. If you are not a Firm Contact, you can contact us to send you a report.
Is the new edition embargoed?
This varies by country. Please contact us for more information.
What is "Lawyer of the Year"?
"Lawyer of the Year" awards are presented annually to a single outstanding lawyer in each practice area and designated metropolitan area.
When are "Lawyer of the Year" Awards released?
"Lawyer of the Year" awards are typically announced shortly after the new edition is released. See your country’s timeline for more specific details.
What is "Top Listed"?
The "Top Listed" designation is given to the firm that has the most listed lawyers in a particular location and practice area. This award is based exclusively on number of listed attorneys and is in no way related to the "Best Law Firms" rankings. You can view your "Top Listed" awards through your Firm’s Administrative Page.