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At Groom Law Group, Ian D. Lanoff represents public employee pension and welfare benefit plans, corporate plans, multiemployer plans, institutions that provide investment advice and services to employee benefit plans, and labor unions and corporations that sponsor plans. Mr. Lanoff heads up Groom's public plan practice group, which is one of the leading practices of this type in the country, covering governance, fiduciary, investment and tax matters affecting public plans, their members and retirement boards. Groom is outside counsel to 8 of the top 20 (5 being in the top 10) of the 200 biggest pension funds, public and private, in America.

Mr. Lanoff is fiduciary counsel to several giant public employee pension funds that include the Florida State Board of Administration, Ohio Public Employees Retirement System, Ohio State Teachers Retirement System, New Hampshire Retirement System, California State Teachers Retirement System, Employees Retirement System of Texas and the New York State Employees Retirement System ("Common Fund"). Mr. Lanoff's other representative clients include serving as outside fiduciary counsel to the Tennessee Valley Authority, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and the United Auto Workers – General Motors – Ford – Chrysler Retiree Medical Benefit Trust VEBA (the largest retiree healthcare fund at $80 billion). He has also represented on various legal matters the City of Philadelphia Municipal Pension System, Los Angeles City Police and Fire Retirement System, Los Angeles County Retirement System, Baltimore City Retirement System, State of Connecticut Pension System and State of Massachusetts Retirement System, the Teachers Retirement System of Texas, and the State of Wisconsin Investment Board.

In his public sector law practice, he has represented Boards of Trustees involved in key issues for public employee pension funds. In his private sector ERISA practice, he has represented trustees and other fiduciaries in matters pending before the ERISA Program at the U.S. Department of Labor, the program he led during the Carter and early Reagan years.

Client Comments

"Ian Lanoff has exceptional knowledge and experience related to ERISA and other laws pertinent to the operation of a retiree health plan (VEBA). His vast knowledge of ERISA was, no doubt, enhanced considerably by his participation in the drafting of the law when he was employed by the Department of Labor. He now represents a wide variety of union and Taft-Hartley health and welfare plans, and that enormous experience yields great dividends when our plan needs his advice on various legal matters. Mr. Lanoff has established a very cordial relationship with the members of my board and with various consultants who work with us. This has lead to very easy communications between him and the other principals involved. Mr. Lanoff is extremely responsive to any questions we might have, and he brings the expertise of his colleagues from Groom Law Group to bear on some issues, as necessary. I could not be happier with the level of expertise, advice, and guidance provided by Mr. Lanoff, and I know that our Retiree Health Plan would be much worse off had it not been for his presence throughout the 21 years it has been in existence."

-Richard Lichtenstein
University of Michigan School of Public Health

"Ian Lanoff is one of the most responsive attorneys that I have ever worked with. He made himself available at all times and responded with clarity and focus."

-Fran Parker
Executive Director
UAW Retiree Medical Benefit Trust

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