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Chuck Burpee is a patent attorney who counsels some of the world’s most innovative companies and individuals. Chuck helped patent smart phone touch screen features and he also works with a company that operates major data centers serving as the backbone of the Internet. Chuck’s engineering background and his love of all things technical provide a strong foundation for his law practice. He’s passionate about helping clients who are on the leading edge of technology develop intellectual property strategies that align with their business goals. Clients praise Chuck’s ability to create synergy between business people and technical people who often use different terminology and approach issues from different perspectives. “Chuck took the time to learn our business, which made him very valuable for intellectual property matters.” “I can talk to him in technical terms, which is very important to me.” The director of research and development at a publicly traded, global leader in color science and technology said: “His knowledge of IP and patent law is extensive and he consistently develops sound strategies for protecting new ideas and inventions.”

University of MichiganUniversity of MichiganUniversity of Michigan Law SchoolJ.D. 1979
Grand Rapids Civic TheatreClark Retirement Community

Client Comments

"Charles Burpee is very knowledgeable in IP law. He is a business partner who is well versed in our business; therefore, he can effectively provide input that assists us in cost versus risk analysis."

"Chuck Burpee and his team have done a great job assisting me in obtaining patent rights, prosecuting numerous patent applications in the PTO. He also greatly helped in representing me in a patent sale to a major firm. He has always been very responsive to my needs and extremely thorough."

-Timothy R. Pryor
Digital Dash. Also Self

"Mr. Charles Burpee has extensive knowledge of our label business which makes him invaluable when it comes to patent law."

-Marc Oosterlinck
General Manager
CCL Label

"Chuck took the time to learn our business which made him very valuable for IP matters. I can talk to him in technical terms which is very important to me."

-Marc Oosterlinck
General Manager
CCL Label

"Chuck Burpee brings to the table a wealth of knowledge, both technically and from a practical business perspective. He has a way of asking the right questions to get to the detail level needed. Chuck and his staff are extremely responsive and thorough."

-DiAnna Stephens
Director, Legal & Risk Management
Cascade Engineering

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Copyright Law
Patent Law
Trademark Law

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