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Warner Norcross & Judd is a full-service, multidisciplinary law firm serving a broad spectrum of businesses, ranging from publicly traded, multinational corporations to emerging growth and closely held companies. With more than 215 attorneys, Warner is the largest law firm in West Michigan and the third largest in the state. Founded in 1931, Warner has offices in Grand Rapids, Holland, Lansing, Muskegon Sterling Heights and Southfield. Our attorneys successfully represent individuals, small and large businesses and their owners and managers.

Sixty-seven Warner attorneys are listed in the 2011 edition of The Best Lawyers in America, more than any other law firm in Grand Rapids, Holland or Muskegon. In addition, Warner Norcross has more partners listed in Best Lawyers in the areas of employee benefits, trusts and estates and environmental law than any other firm in Michigan. In Grand Rapids, Warner Norcross is the top firm in six practice areas including corporate law, commercial litigation and bankruptcy. Two Warner attorneys have been included in Best Lawyers in every edition since the publication began. Seven partners have been included for more than 10 years and 18 have been included for 10 years or more.

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Fifth Third Center, Suite 900
111 Lyon Street, NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49503-2487
Phone: 616-752-2000
8 offices

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Brian D. Wassom Brian D. Wassom Warner Norcross & Judd LLP
Practicing in: Advertising Law, Litigation - Intellectual Property
Practicing in: Advertising Law, Litigation - Intellectual Property

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    "Top-Listed" State Awards
    "Top-Listed" in Michigan in Environmental Law with 8 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Michigan in Employee Benefits (ERISA) Law with 7 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Michigan in Financial Services Regulation Law with 2 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Michigan in Closely Held Companies and Family Businesses Law with 8 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" Metro Awards
    "Top-Listed" in Grand Rapids, Michigan with 68 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Holland, Michigan with 2 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Muskegon, Michigan with 2 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Grand Rapids, Michigan in Bankruptcy and Creditor Debtor Rights / Insolvency and Reorganization Law with 5 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Grand Rapids, Michigan in Financial Services Regulation Law with 2 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Grand Rapids, Michigan in Closely Held Companies and Family Businesses Law with 6 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Grand Rapids, Michigan in Employee Benefits (ERISA) Law with 5 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Southfield, Michigan in Employee Benefits (ERISA) Law with 2 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Grand Rapids, Michigan in Environmental Law with 6 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Holland, Michigan in Trusts and Estates with 2 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Grand Rapids, Michigan in International Trade and Finance Law with 2 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Grand Rapids, Michigan in Appellate Practice with 3 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Grand Rapids, Michigan in Commercial Litigation with 13 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Southfield, Michigan in Commercial Litigation with 4 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Grand Rapids, Michigan in Bet-the-Company Litigation with 3 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Grand Rapids, Michigan in Corporate Law with 10 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Kalamazoo, Michigan in Corporate Law with 2 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Grand Rapids, Michigan in Securities / Capital Markets Law with 4 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Grand Rapids, Michigan in Non-Profit / Charities Law with 2 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Grand Rapids, Michigan in Securities Regulation with 3 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Grand Rapids, Michigan in Litigation - Securities with 2 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Grand Rapids, Michigan in Litigation - Bankruptcy with 2 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Grand Rapids, Michigan in Litigation - Environmental with 3 lawyers.

    "Top-Listed" State Awards
    "Top-Listed" in Michigan in Environmental Law with 8 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Michigan in Employee Benefits (ERISA) Law with 7 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Michigan in Financial Services Regulation Law with 2 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Michigan in Closely Held Companies and Family Businesses Law with 8 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" Metro Awards
    "Top-Listed" in Grand Rapids, Michigan with 68 lawyers.

    Client Comments

    "Andrea is an excellent attorney. Her skill as a litigator is matched by her practical approach to problem solving, which helps clients achieve the best possible business result."
    - Lori Gibson
    Smith Haughey Rice & Roegge
    "Cameron DeLong has an excellent legal mind and is extremely ethical and professional in his approach. He has a comprehensive understanding of key areas of practice."
    - Richard W. Doornink
    Kemper System Smerica
    "Cameron DeLong provides great counsel and is a trusted advisor. He is a strong advocate for the firm. "
    "Cam is a hard working and exceptionally intelligent attorney. I weigh his ideas and experience considerably while deliberating our business decisions. I have and will continue to recommend him to friends and colleagues."
    "Cameron DeLong is top class professional. DeLong is very knowledgeable, easy to communicate with, and highly responsive."
    "Cameron DeLong is an exceptional lawyer. He is very dedicated to assisting our company. We value his counsel."
    "I have worked with attorney Carl Defendach at Warner Norcross & Judd LLP on several estate and trust matters and I find him to have a very in-depth knowledge of this and related areas of practice."
    - David Jensen
    Pew, Robert C.
    "Carl Duffendach has served as both our corporate and personal attorney for over 25 years. He ranks as one of the most ethical, principled, congenial, astute, and efficient people I know. His legal and practical advice has greatly benefited both our business and family."
    - Ken Muraski
    Kent Manufacturing Company
    "Carl Dufendach is a highly regarded trusts and estates law partner at Warner Norcross & Judd."
    "Carl Dufendach is in the top rank of Trust and Estate attorneys in his community"
    "Chuck Burpee and his team have done a great job assisting me in obtaining patent rights, prosecuting numerous patent applications in the PTO. He also greatly helped in representing me in a patent sale to a major firm. He has always been very responsive to my needs and extremely thorough."
    - Timothy R. Pryor
    Digital Dash. Also Self
    "Mr. Charles Burpee has extensive knowledge of our label business which makes him invaluable when it comes to patent law."
    - Marc Oosterlinck
    CCL Label
    "Chuck took the time to learn our business which made him very valuable for IP matters. I can talk to him in technical terms which is very important to me."
    - Marc Oosterlinck
    CCL Label
    "Chuck Burpee brings to the table a wealth of knowledge, both technically and from a practical business perspective. He has a way of asking the right questions to get to the detail level needed. Chuck and his staff are extremely responsive and thorough."
    - DiAnna Stephens
    Cascade Engineering
    "Charles Burpee is very knowledgeable in IP law. He is a business partner who is well versed in our business; therefore, he can effectively provide input that assists us in cost versus risk analysis."
    "Chris Meyer has provided us with timely, cost effective, and valuable professional advice on several real estate matters."
    - Bob Potts
    Meritage Hospitality Group
    "Chris Meyer is very knowledgeable with respect to zoning and Real Estate Law. In my five plus years working with Chris, I would highly recommend Chris and his firm to handle any zoning issues and any related real estate concerns. Chris communicates well with others and he has earned the respect of his peers."
    "Doug Dozeman is a premier litigator in Michigan. He is calm (even a bit understated), very intelligent, diligent, and has an excellent tactical and strategic sense. He is always professional. He does not create extra work by picking unnecessary fights. His presentations in court are a model of clarity and effective persuasion. Doug is a lawyer in whom any client should have confidence."
    - Jon R. Muth
    Miller Johnson
    "Doug Dozeman was lead negotiator in a patent sale with a major firm and did a great job. He has also spearheaded another potential offering in progress, and assisted me with various personal and corporate matters. His Integrity and professionalism and that of his colleagues are at the very top."
    - Timothy R. Pryor
    Digital Dash. Also Self
    "Douglas Dozeman offers sound and wise counsel, even in the face of those often challenging and stressful litigation moments. He is a strong and persistent advocate, but always with professionalism. He has an excellent grasp of legal and business concepts. He consistently provides practical advice."
    "Ed Bardelli provides high quality work at a cost-effective price. He is zealous in his representation of his clients and always ethical. He gives practical advice with his client's business needs in mind."
    "Eugene Smary has both substantial expertise and experience in environmental law and protections that involve environmental issues. He is always available and his opinions are clear and concise, even though the issues can be extremely complex. He understands the needs of the client, which make his input into any infrastructure project even more valuable. I would strongly recommend Eugene Smary."
    "Gordon is bright, knowledgeable, and patient. He is extremely helpful in articulating the intricacies of insolvency law to non-lawyers (my clients), and is caring and considerate on a personal, as well as a professional level. He is incredibly attentive to our needs as an institution, and everyone at my company, lawyers and non-lawyers, puts a lot of faith in his judgment and recommendations."
    "Gordon Lewis has extensive experience in negotiating and completing general corporate and banking transactions. He has the excellent ability to analyze and recommend solutions to complex issues. He is highly responsive with practical and effective advice."
    "Gordon Lewis has an excellent grasp of banking and securities law. He is very responsive and has a timely work product. He has superior client skills. He is very good in client meetings and very cost effective"
    "Jay Cragwall has a superb legal mind. He is calculating, extremely bright, and an excellent strategist. I highly recommend him."
    - David Grumbine
    Whirlpool Corporation
    "Jay Cragwall and his support team are excellent problem solvers and we have great confidence in their legal ability. Cragwall is incredibly accommodating and supportive of our needs. He is a brilliant attorney. "
    "Jim is very professional, personable, and makes RE issues understandable to someone who must make decisions in an area of great complexity."
    "Janet Knaus has been a great advocate for our company. She takes the time to understand the needs of our internal business customers while also managing the risk profile desired by our legal department. "
    - Robert F. Pomper
    Stryker Corporation
    "Tremendous amount of knowledge, strong work ethic, very diligent and committed to his clients."
    "Jeff, while an estate planning attorney, is known for his expertise in all aspects of nonprofit law and charitable giving. He is the leading expert in our state and likely beyond. He is simply the best!"
    - Diana Sieger
    Grand Rapids Community Foundation
    "Jeffrey Power is the preeminent expert in West Michigan (if not beyond) in the area of Nonprofit/Charities Law. I often refer organizations and people to Mr. Power for their legal needs. Jeffrey Power has been our legal counsel in this area for more than 20 years. He is a trusted and knowledgeable advisor. He has been extremely helpful in providing top-notch service and solid information. Mr. Power is often asked to speak at seminars and events on various topics relating to Trusts and Estates Law. "
    - Diana Sieger
    Grand Rapids Community Foundation
    "Jeffrey B. Power is very knowledgeable about fiduciary and non-profit law. He is always responsive and professional. Clients can count on Jeff to provide thorough and careful analysis of legal issues communicated in a direct and understandable manner."
    "Jeff Battershall is a lawyer's lawyer. His qualifications are impeccable, but what distinguishes him in my experience are his strategic orientation to matter management, intense loyalty to my organization, attention to detail, and unquestioned integrity. As a General Counsel, I am comforted each day to know that Jeff has my back. He is also tremendously respected by my CEO, our boards, and my colleagues. Jeff's great practice strengths are corporate and commercial, but he has a great feel for the other areas in which my organization requires services and he is superb at coordinating the delivery of service. He has a particularly broad and deep understanding of the healthcare industry. In short, I consider Jeff to be a superb counselor and count myself and my organization fortunate to have him on our side."
    "Jeff is truly fantastic to work with. He is creative, responsive, and reliable. It's clear he always has the client's best interests at the forefront."
    "Without any doubt, Jay Smith is one of the best estate attorneys in Michigan and maybe the country. He is extremely knowledgeable and hard working. Jay has a genuine regard for his clients and never makes you feel he is running up unnecessary hours. He keeps up with every new law and draws on help from the firm when needed. Through his estate planning ideas, Jay Smith has saved our family a great amount of money over the years."
    - William P. Crawford
    Steelcase Inc.
    "Jerome Smith has superb attention to detail. He explains in clear terms his reasons for recommendations. He exemplifies the 3A's of successful practice: Able, available, and affable."
    - Drs. Mulligan
    "The terms "Trust" and "Acting in my best interest" does not properly describe my comfort level with Jerome M. Smith and WNJ. The economic benefits of great lifetime legal advice are significant. My family was blessed with those benefits."
    - Earl Solberg
    "Jay Smith has worked with our entire family for years. I think he wrote the book on estate planning. He is always on top of any new law changes. He has worked tirelessly to keep our family up to date with our planning and that includes my children as well. Jay is honest and fair. He is conservative, willing to try new ideas, but never jeopardizing a successful outcome. Our family could not have a better lawyer representing us."
    "John Byl is an excellent lawyer. He can quickly grasp an environmental legal issue, but just as important, he is able to understand the practical and business implication of the specific matter."
    - Chris Conley
    "John Byl provides sophisticated counsel on environmental matters, particularly CERCLA matters, at a small firm legal rate. He is a great value. "
    - William Hvidsten
    Aerojet-General Corporation
    "I have worked with Lisa for many years for a reason. She is knowledgeable, does the research, and stands behind her actions. I am always confident in her advice."
    "Loren Andrulis of Warner Norcross & Judd has handled several offering memorandums and corporate organizational matters for our company, and I have found him to be a thoughtful, professional, efficient, and qualified attorney and advocate. I have and would recommend him to others."
    - David Lambert
    V3Realty Company
    "I have worked intermittently with Loren Andrulis of Warnr Norcross for almost two years, though his relationship with my company goes back much further. Loren is very responsive and has impressed me with his understanding of our business. Loren is a "big city" lawyer in a mid-sized market and I would not hesitate to recommend him."
    - Alan Paperny
    Aggregate Industries Management Inc.
    "Mark is an exceptional attorney, with respect to his insight and perception of his client's true needs. He is able to listen effectively, assess the situation, and make reasoned judgments that have greatly benefitted our firm over the last 17 years."
    - Rob Petroelje
    V3 Companies, LTD
    "Mary Jo advocates well on our behalf and gives deep consideration to the scope of questions to ensure that all facets are well considered and an informed decision results. She is intuitively skilled to ask questions and ensure that her guidance is comprehensive and appropriately aligned to the business."
    - Cara Tryban
    PulteGroup, Inc.
    "My experience with Warner Norcross and Mary Jo Larson has been exemplary for many years. They are a valuable resource to our organization. "
    - Christine VanSlembrouck
    Northern Michigan Regional Hospital
    "Mary Jo is the primary reason that we consolidated our ERISA work with Warner Norcross. She has extensive experience and balances real world situations with the technical requirements of the employee benefits practice. We have used a number of national and regional firms for the ERISA work and we recently consolidated all of this with Mary Jo's firm because of the quality of service, knowledge, and value."
    "Mary Jo Larson is a very knowledgeable expert in ERISA Benefits Law. She is very dedicated and very responsive to her client's needs. She has the ability to understand and analyze a situation and then provide expert legal advice that is very understandable, I.e. speaks in plain English without a lot of legal terminology. She has been a great asset to our company. I would highly recommend Mary Jo Larson."
    "Melissa cares passionately about the success of the client's projects and ensuring the client's interests are protected, in both small and large projects alike. She is a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her to other clients with large and/or complex real estate or construction needs."
    "In the litigious world of healthcare, Rich Bouma lets me sleep a lot easier at night. I am completely confident in Rich's competence and expertise and that the advice my hospital is getting is very well thought out. Rich is a great "strategic thinker" and, hopefully, his counsel will keep us out of the courts. It's reassuring to know that an intelligent, preconceived defense is in place should things result in litigation. Having Rich as a resource has been extremely helpful to my organization."
    - Gregory E. Roraff
    Marlette Regional Hospital
    "Rich has always been helpful and has proven knowledgeable. I trust and respect him greatly."
    "Richard Bouma is a pleasure to work with. He is very client focused. He provides diligent counsel and is a creative thinker. He is our main source for healthcare legal guidance."
    "Rich has been exceptionally supportive of me and my company. He has a great intellect and is a very good strategist. We have been through various business and industry challenges together and has shown me he is exceptionally adroit. "
    "Richard Bouma is a pleasure to work with. He is very intelligent and committed to serving our organization. "
    "Robert Dubault demonstrates an expert level of knowledge regarding labor relations and management. He demonstrates knowledge regarding state and federal law as well as rules impacting MERC, PERA, Workers Compensation, ERISA, and case law that may impact an arbitrator, magistrate, or judge. Mr. Dubault is also a great asset to have at the bargaining table and available to review and interpret a variety of collective bargaining agreements. At the bargaining table, Mr. Dubault combines his experience and knowledge of collective bargaining with an attitude of drafting agreements that are in the best interest of a long-term business strategy to reach amicable settlements and preserve good management/labor relations. It is great to know that there is someone willing to work as hard to keep you out of trouble as they are to get you out of trouble."
    - Aaron Hilliard
    Muskegon Community College
    "Not having a law department within my organization, I rely on Rob Dubault at WNJ to advise on all sorts of potentially litigious employment matters. He advises within the letter of the law, but he also assists in looking at options that will help us meet our operational objectives. I consider him a business partner. My company recently acquired its first unionized facilities. Rob Dubault has provided invaluable assistance in helping us interpret the details of the various contracts and understand the bigger picture of the unionized environments within which we must now function. Rob was our chief negotiator in our first contract negotiation and demonstrated the company/operational knowledge, the personality traits, and the skill sets needed to represent the company in a difficult bargaining situation. He was excellent at keeping senior management informed while guiding the group of local managers who comprised the rest of the bargaining team."
    - Lynda Group
    Multi Packaging Solutions
    "Rodney has been very effective in helping us deal with some challenges we faced. He is professional and a great resource for our company."
    - Robert K. Chapman
    United Bancorp, Inc.
    "Rodney is a first-class individual. He not only has the highest integrity of any lawyer I have ever worked with, he might be the most fair and honest person I know. If you have a job you need help with, he will work around the clock to get it done and done right. "
    "Steve is an extremely bright individual and an excellent attorney. Throughout our multitude of dealings we have found Steve to be creative, innovative, persistent, and a bit of a perfectionist in the drafting documents. All of that has been to our great advantage both during and following negotiations."
    - Shelley E. Padnos
    Louis Padnos Iron & Metal
    "Stephen Waterbury is great."
    "I have been associated with Steve for 28 years. In addition to his obvious expertise in the areas of corporate and tax law, his responsiveness and enthusiastic involvement in my various business interests have been invaluable"
    - George E. Caston
    TherCom Holdings, LLC
    "Steve Kohl is my primary lawyer. Steve's talents and successes are a direct result of his dedication to his clients and profession. Steve has provided superior advice and counsel to my organization for over a decade. He deftly crafts his messages for the courtroom, government negotiation, and the corporate boardroom, translating and making sense of the key issues for the relevant audience. Steve's understanding and rich background in air, land, remediation, and facility siting/expansion laws (Federal and multi-state) have greatly increased my organization's ability to achieve our business goals."
    - Craig Campbell
    Lafarge North America Inc.
    "Susan Meyers is very professional and a pleasant person to work with."
    "Tom is very professional, dedicated, and efficient. He is highly motivated to support the customer."
    - Jan Kowal
    Brose North America, Inc.
    "Tim Horner has expertise in the area of securities laws and was instrumental in assisting us while we were working through a complicated securities issue. He is knowledgeable, professional, courteous, and responsive. He communicated with us on a regular basis and kept us informed at all times. We were impressed with the knowledge and expertise he has in the securities law area. His hard work and dedication were obvious to us. We would highly recommend him as an expert in the area of securities laws."
    "Timothy Horner has excellent technical knowledge combined with in-depth understanding of our specific business needs, resulting in effective, pragmatic solutions that are cost effective. He is the best in the country for our needs!"
    "Vern is always readily available to help us when we have either a question on our 401K/ESOP plans or we are considering making changes to the plan. What makes Vern unique is that most lawyers tell you what you can't do in regard to plan design or changes; Vern asks you what you are trying to achieve with a plan change and finds solutions to allow the clients to achieve what they are trying to achieve in plan design. When a client is calling, trying to resolve a problem or an issue, the last thing he or she wants to hear is a litany of all the things that can not be done. He is very client focused and his experience allows him to cut through complex issues and suggest common-sense solutions to benefit issues."
    - Richard Lannon
    V3 Companies, LTD
    "I first entered the field of Employee Benefits in 1986. Even that long ago, Vern already had an established reputation as one of the top "go-to" attorneys in West Michigan for Employee Benefits issues. Throughout my career including benefits positions in banking, education, and manufacturing, Vern was always a constant at Warner Norcross and Judd. Every time our paths crossed, it was a good experience. Because of his depth of expertise, Vern is/was often asked to speak at West Michigan human resource functions to provide a legal update in the area of employee benefits litigation and regulatory changes/proposals. Vern is soft-spoken and very professional. He will never give an answer off the cuff unless 100-percent confident that he has done his research. Vern does his research. He is a kind, approachable man who can speak to all levels within the company without being condescending or intimidating. I completely trust Vern's advice and feel that he is an important member of our team at ODL. I'm honored to be able to contribute these words on his behalf. "
    - Amy Tennis
    ODL Incorporated
    "Since we engaged Vern to provide legal assistance on our benefit plans two years ago, his advice and due diligence have resulted in dramatic improvements to these plans. His knowledge and help have far exceeded our confidence level with previous plan consultants and benefit attorneys. Vern has truly become an indispensable adjunct member of our management team with regard to these critical matters."
    "W. Michael Haren is an individual with whom i can relate."
    - Frank Wheatlake
    Utility Supply and Construction Company
    "W. Michael Haren is one of the best estate planners and business consultants in the area. He is very cost effective and responsive to client needs and plans. He is a very detailed and structured practitioner. He is very up to date on all tax strategies."
    "W. Michael Haren is creative and thorough. He has high ethical standards. He provides a clear and understandable explanation for complicated transactions. He is bright and responsive."
    "Bill Jansen is the best big-picture strategist I've ever worked with. He understands my business and the internal corporate pressures of litigation. Bill was instrumental in helping to create our new regional counsel strategy -- a strategy that's saved the company 30 percent in fees and garnered better, faster results. He's flexible, always available for quick advice, and I believe that he is looking out for me and the company at all times."
    - Marco DeSanto
    "Bill Jansen, representing WNJ, is extremely responsive, a good listener, knowledgeable, and is doing a commendable job."
    - Roland Zitt
    MAHLE Industries, Inc.
    "Bill Jansen is professional, honest, intelligent, responsive and creative. He provides practical advice and strategies for businesses. I would not want to be on the opposite side of a case that Bill is handling."
    "William Jansen has extremely good customer service."
    "Bill is a master at seeing all sides of an issue, providing practical advice, and finding common ground when he can to avoid litigation. That being said, he is also a master litigator who can grasp the intricacies of a long, complicated, contractual relationship and distill it for a court, mediator, or arbitrator. He is generous with his advice, committed to our needs as a company, and beyond attentive."
    "Bill Hall is very thorough."
    "Andrea is an excellent attorney. Her skill as a litigator is matched by her practical approach to problem solving, which helps clients achieve the best possible business result."
    - Lori Gibson
    Smith Haughey Rice & Roegge
    "Cameron DeLong has an excellent legal mind and is extremely ethical and professional in his approach. He has a comprehensive understanding of key areas of practice."
    - Richard W. Doornink
    Kemper System Smerica
    "Cameron DeLong provides great counsel and is a trusted advisor. He is a strong advocate for the firm. "
    "Cam is a hard working and exceptionally intelligent attorney. I weigh his ideas and experience considerably while deliberating our business decisions. I have and will continue to recommend him to friends and colleagues."

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