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The Sacramento law firm of Murphy Austin Adams Schoenfeld LLP focuses on the core areas of business and real estate transactions, healthcare, construction, labor and employment law, and tax and commercial litigation. Every partner brings years of experience in his or her area of expertise. Our attorneys practice in a wide variety of state and federal administrative settings, in the California state trial and appellate courts, and in the United States District Courts, Court of Appeals, and Supreme Court. We are regularly asked by our clients to represent their interests throughout California and in other states.

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304 S Street
P.O. Box 1319
Sacramento, CA 95812-1319
Phone: 916-446-2300


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Dennis R. Murphy Dennis R. Murphy Murphy Austin Adams Schoenfeld LLP
Practicing in: Commercial Litigation
Practicing in: Commercial Litigation

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Murphy Austin Adams Schoenfeld LLP

Contact Information

304 S Street
P.O. Box 1319
Sacramento, CA 95812-1319
Phone: 916-446-2300


J. Scott AlexanderManaging Partner


Russell J. AustinBusiness and Commercial Real Estate Law
(916) 446-2300 X3006
D. Michael SchoenfeldConstruction Law
(916) 446-2300 X3089
Michael R. O'Neil Environmental Law
(916) 446-2300 X3078
Donald E. BrodeurEstate Planning
(916) 446-2300 X3014
Frank P. FedorHealthcare Law
(916) 446-2300 X3036
Dennis R. MurphyLabor and Employment Law
(916) 446-2300 X3072
Jeffrey W. CurcioTax Law
(916) 446-2300 X3024


Partners: 16
Of Counsel: 3
Associates: 7
Other Lawyers: 1
Paralegals: 5
Non-Legal Employees: 22

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Commercial Litigation
Construction Law
Litigation - Construction
Real Estate Law