We are a firm dedicated to supporting Native American tribes, tribal leaders, and tribal members in areas of Federal Indian Law, Tribal Law, Government Law and Civil Litigation. We work with our clients closely, and through determined, relentless effort achieve worthwhile outcomes. The cases that grab our attention are ones where we can assist a client in making their government more accountable, inclusive, responsive, and transparent.


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Martha L. King Martha L. King Martha L. King & Associates, P.C.
Practicing in: Native American Law
Practicing in: Native American Law

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    Native people suffer the highest rate of poverty among any race group of America[1] and endure a health and mortality rate lower than that of the U.S. population at large.[2]  Additionally, in comparison to the rest of U.S. households, Native people are substantially more likely to live in overcrowded homes that lack complete plumbing and kitchen facilities.[3]  Native men and women report a higher rate of violent victimization than men and women of other backgrounds[4], while Native youth experience higher rates of mental health disorders, alcohol-use disorders, gang involvement, and victimization.[5]  Even the United States and/or the Native people’s own tribal governments try to push these individuals around.  Because Native people often lack the ability to enforce Constitutions, budget ordinances, sunshine laws, or other legal rights of membership either to employment, land or services, there are corrupt individuals who use their positions to attempt or achieve a victimization on such tribal members.

    We are proud to work with clients that are willing to make a difference in their communities.  Such individuals are determined, effective, stable, and thus are natural leaders for what is right.  Even though they may have been mistreated, retaliated against, and wronged, they seek out legal representation to push to make the situation better for both themselves and others.  Martha L. King & Associates, P.C. work with and for our clients to help them effect change.  Such change might take the form of a policy shift on the treatment of allotments in Alaska, protection of a whistleblower from retaliation, and the cessation of corruption in Indian country.  The Firm's goal is to take and win cases that have a positive impact on Native people, and to create laws and policies that do the same.  Like many other firms, the Firm's primary source of employment will come in the form of a client who walks through the door and asks for help.  In this circumstance, the Firm will provide its client with expert legal analysis, litigation, and administrative advocacy.  However, where the Firm diverges from a traditional firm is in its active pursuit of cases with the potential to shape new law. The Firm strives to provide quality representation at a reasonable price for issues in Federal Indian Law, Tribal Law, and Civil Litigation.  What makes this cost reduction possible is the Firm's abandonment of traditional notions of a law firm.  Instead of a large, centralized office with high administrative expenditures, the Firm keeps its overhead low through the use of contract employees set up at remote offices throughout the country.  It also utilizes the latest technology, including cloud computing and file-sharing applications.

    Martha L. King & Associates, P.C. is proud of its work, but none of it is possible without the strength, courage and conviction of our clients.


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    Martha L. King & Associates, P.C.

    Contact Information

    P.O. Box 1256
    Longmont, CO 80501
    Phone: 720-438-7244


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