Dickinson Wright PLLC, founded in 1878, is a nationally recognized,full-service law firm with an exceptionally diverse and experienced team of attorneys who have uncompromising standards and a collective commitment to exceeding client expectations. Dickinson Wright PLLC has over 380 lawyers in offices located in Detroit, Troy, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, Lansing, and Saginaw, Michigan; Columbus, Ohio; Las Vegas, Nevada; Nashville, Tennessee; Phoenix, Arizona; and Washington, D.C.. Dickinson Wright LLP has over 40 lawyers in Toronto, Canada and provides comprehensive, integrated legal services in more than 40 practice areas to a broad range of clients, from very large corporations to small businesses, new ventures, individuals, and governmental units. Dickinson Wright attorneys have represented many companies on the firm's client list for more than three-quarters of a century.

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Peter H. Ellsworth Peter H. Ellsworth Dickinson Wright PLLC
Practicing in: Administrative / Regulatory Law, Bet-the-Company Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Gaming Law, Government Relations Practice
Practicing in: Administrative / Regulatory Law, Bet-the-Company Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Gaming Law, Government Relations Practice
Scott R. Knapp Scott R. Knapp Dickinson Wright PLLC
Practicing in: Administrative / Regulatory Law, Commercial Litigation
Practicing in: Administrative / Regulatory Law, Commercial Litigation
Robert W. Stocker II Robert W. Stocker II Dickinson Wright PLLC
Practicing in: Administrative / Regulatory Law, Commercial Litigation, Gaming Law, Government Relations Practice
Practicing in: Administrative / Regulatory Law, Commercial Litigation, Gaming Law, Government Relations Practice
Jeffery V. Stuckey Jeffery V. Stuckey Dickinson Wright PLLC
Practicing in: Administrative / Regulatory Law, Appellate Practice, Energy Law
Practicing in: Administrative / Regulatory Law, Appellate Practice, Energy Law
Jeffrey A. Silver Jeffrey A. Silver Dickinson Wright PLLC
Practicing in: Administrative / Regulatory Law, Gaming Law, Land Use and Zoning Law
Practicing in: Administrative / Regulatory Law, Gaming Law, Land Use and Zoning Law

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"Top-Listed" State Awards
"Top-Listed" in Arizona in Family Law with 4 lawyers.
"Top-Listed" in Arizona in Litigation - Construction with 7 lawyers.
"Top-Listed" in Arizona in Litigation - Municipal with 3 lawyers.
"Top-Listed" in Michigan in Litigation - Bankruptcy with 5 lawyers.
"Top-Listed" in Michigan in Municipal Law with 7 lawyers.
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Ford Motor Company
JPMorgan Chase & Company
SBC Communications, Inc.
MGM Grand Detroit
Magna International, Inc.
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
The State of Michigan
Visteon Corporation
Dura Automotive Systems, Inc.
Dow Chemical Company

Client Comments

"Timely, knowledgeable, and connected in the community, Brian is experienced and efficient to work with. Brian is honest, ethical and trustworthy."
- Sandra Cottingham, M.D.
Michigan Pathology Specialists, P.C.
"Brian Fleetham is articulate, diligent, and perceptive. His communication is superb. His ability to give examples and to compare and to contrast allows one to choose an appropriate course of action with confidence."
- Warren Lanphear, M.D.
Emergency Care Specialists, P.C.
"Mr. Fleetham has been a pleasure to work with over the years. Some of his shining attributes include knowledge, attention to detail, creativeness, unbelievable promptness and friendliness, exceptional ethics and compassion, and a drive to complete projects sooner rather than later. Mr. Fleetham is one of those rare individuals whom you would want as your best friend or neighbor, and sitting with you at the board table."
- Kim Mills, M.D.
Pathology Laboratory, P.C.
"Mr. Fleetham is a valued asset to our business. He has always been an excellent, valued, and trusted part of our team. His ability to anticipate our needs has always impressed me. "
- Don Powell
Medical Management Specialists, Inc.
"Brian is professional with a willingness to listen, advise and take action."
- Anonymous
"Brian Fleet is a strategic thinker, willing to look at more than one way to solve problems."
- Anonymous
"Chuck Price represented our family as plaintiffs in a grueling four-and-a-half-year securities and breach of contract case against a succession of huge public companies represented by nationally prominent law firms. With his unwavering dedication, legal expertise, and patient counsel, we reached a satisfactory settlement. This result was based, in large part, on his preparation and development of the case for trial and on the recognition by opposing counsel that Chuck was more than equal to the task and would not be overwhelmed at trial or on appeal. In view of his demeanor, enthusiasm, understanding, and rather astounding ability to establish rapport with people from all walks of life, I value Chuck as a friend and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone in need of his professional counsel and services."
- Howard Ohlhausen
Unelko Corporation
"Mr. Price has consistently demonstrated a unique ability to identify the true substance of a situation. He is a master of negotiations with an eye towards resolution rather than conflict. For the past 10 years we have worked with Chuck on a wide variety of business issues and contract negotiations. In all instances, Chuck has prevailed in obtaining resolution in our favor without the need to enter legal litigation. I consider Chuck not only a great legal professional, but a great business consultant as well. Chuck is my number one choice for all matters related to business negotiations, dispute resolution, and legal representation."
- Allen Lehman
Allen Associates, Inc.
"What sets Sam apart from many attorneys (and I actually worked with attorneys for over 20 years) is his ability and willingness to speak like a business or HR professional would speak, and not like a lawyer, if that makes sense. He understands and carefully considers our perspective, but ultimately, coaches us to make the right decision for our organization. Sam helped us navigate through some challenging issues last year and he did it with great integrity and sensitivity to our values as well. He responded to messages and timelines promptly, and the quality of his work product was outstanding, giving us much success. I would definitely recommend him to other businesses or individuals needing solid legal representation."
- Deborah Wahl
ESS (Environmental Support Solutions, Inc.)
"Ms. Darlene Marsh is highly qualified and skilled. I would recommend her without reservation."
- Anonymous
"Gary is the foremost expert in the State of Arizona on Development Agreement legal issues. He is a key resource for our company in negotiating agreements with public sector entities and is a true professional."
- Garrett Newland
"If Mr. Birnbaum had studied voice rather than law, the world would have known four great tenors in the last 30 years. His intellect and work ethic yield enormous benefits to his clients. In the several condemnation cases that Gary defended for me, the results (one of which was eight figures) exceeded my own expectations."
- James Kaufman
Kaufman Mortgage Company
"Gary wins cases. He can organize the case to communicate. Gary can offer counsel on a wide variety of matters and is a student of the law. He is tenacious and relentless, but not pig headed. Gary will tell you when he believes you are wrong and he will encourage you when you are right. Gary is unafraid of being in a tight spot, yet he will not get in one thoughtlessly. In a fight, he is the person you want on your side."
- E.J. Joe Shoen
U-Haul International
"Gary is a staunch advocate, skillful dealmaker, persistent negotiator, and patient educator. Gary's partnership has been an essential factor in structuring and negotiating a series of public/private partnerships between our development firm and municipalities in Arizona and other Southwestern states. These partnerships have facilitated both significant public infrastructure improvements and major retail developments, which in turn have generated increased sales tax and property tax receipts while also providing employment opportunities and community amenities for the local area."
- Robert Mayhall
WDP Partners, LLC
"I first met Gary some 30 years ago when we were first-year associates just out of law school. My impressions of Gary have remained the same during our three-decade relationship. He is the most intelligent, creative, and hard working attorney that I know. Gary is very well respected by all who know him. He is very skilled at both written and oral communication and experienced at providing a variety of legal and business-related advice."
- Thomas Schoaf
City of Litchfield Park
"We feel as a community in Cave Creek that Gary Birnbaum is a friend who cares about our best interest. Time and time again when we need a creative mind to present us with resolution for an important and complex issue, Gary is always available with a complete attention and full support of a cadre of skilfull, experienced, and dedicated lawyers. We feel that Gary represents always the good and positive side of his profession."
- Usama Abujbarah
Town of Cave Creek
"Gary Birnbaum is the best real estate/condemnation lawyer in Arizona. Gary led the way on a City of Phoenix condemnation of my property, which, at the time, paid the highest price per square foot in the history of Arizona. Gary is efficient, ethical, and his character is beyond reproach. He takes my phone calls at the office, home, and in his car. I trust and respect Gary. He is very committed to his clients. "
- Leon Woodward
U.S. Parking Systems, Inc.
"Gary has quickly become a very valuable resource to me as the General Counsel of a large real estate development company. Gary is very well respected for being extremely bright and well versed in both the law and the practice relevant to our industry. What I like most about Gary's counsel is that he often provides both a legal and a practical answer to a given issue. At times, it is his practical answer that solves the issue most efficiently."
- Bradley Wright
SunCor Development
"Gary is a lawyer for all occasions. He always looks for the correct yet proper answer to a problem. What is most appreciated about Gary is his willingness to seek a solution that will save the most time and money for everyone concerned. I have found few who measure up to the standard that Gary works by in all situations. His advice is sought and respected. The balance he brings to a conversation is rare indeed. Not only do I count on Gary for legal advice and legal work, but I also count him as a friend. "
- Ron Frank
U-Haul International
"Gary has represented Westcor and WDP for as long as I care to remember. In the field of public-private partnerships related to public infrastructure, Gary is truly an icon. Due to Gary's extensive experience, depth of knowledge, and ability to communicate persuasively with all parties, it is virtually impossible for any party to take an unreasonable position when Gary is representing us, or in several situations, when Gary is representing the municipality. Gary's presence at a meeting or a negotiation immediately increases the level of reasonableness and cooperation at the entire table, which makes resolution of any contentious issue more probable."
- Jack Rasor
WDP Partners, LLC
"The corporate subsidiaries of LandAmerica have retained Gary to represent it or its insureds in a variety of complex matters involving real estate and regulatory issues. At all times, Gary has proved extremely knowledgeable, solution oriented, excellent at both verbal and written communication, and very professional. He is an asset to the legal community."
- Diane Flaaen
LandAmerica Financial Group, Inc.
"I have been privileged to know and work with Gary for over 15 years. In my opinion, Gary is the leading legal authority on real property valuation in Arizona and he has been an invaluable resource for our firm. He is an excellent litigator and his presence tends to discourage others from pursuing litigation when negotiation is the more appropriate course of action. He complements his legal expertise with a strong financial acumen and extreme diligence in pursuing his client's objective. Gary is a person of high integrity and a good friend."
- John Bradley
DMB Associates, Inc
"Gary Birnbaum is one of the best lawyers I have ever worked with. He has a tremendous knowledge of the law - especially real estate and development agreements - and he is willing to share all he knows with those of us who know so much less. He is prompt in returning telephone calls and in completing projects. I have retained him on behalf of many clients and they have never been disappointed."
- Susan Goodwin
Curtis, Goodwin, Sullivan, Udall & Schwab, PLC
"Gary has tremendous skill and excellent judgment. He is fair with his billings. The highest compliment I can give Gary is that, as a business principal who is also primarily a practicing lawyer, I wanted Gary to represent our business."
- Anonymous
"Gary is probably the top real estate litigator in Arizona. He is phenomenally smart, has an encyclopedic knowledge of the law, and drives great results."
- Anonymous
"Gary Birnbaum has an incredibly broad base of knowledge and experience in real estate law as well as related litigation. He is a tireless worker and perceptive resolver of complex disputes."
- Anonymous
"Gary is the Guru of Arizona real property development law. He has an amazing ability to sit down with a group of aggressive and obnoxious developers and take control of the negotiations. Everyone listens intently when Gary speaks. He can also be very easy-going with a unique sense of humor. Gary always makes the client feel at ease and produces requested work product posthaste without any errors. His sense of humor also has a disarming affect on settlement negotiations involving property transactions. Finally, Gary is seen by many as a mentor and is an incredibly generous individual."
- Anonymous
"Gary is an incredibly bright lawyer. Gary does a great job of understanding the client's objectives and coming up with creative ways to achieve them. We have received a higher level of service and professionalism from Gary than any other lawyer has ever provided us."
- Anonymous
"Harlan is especially effective in real estate because, in addition to his knowledge of the issues, his leadership of the legal process enables projects to happen quickly. That is extremely valuable to a developer."
- Beau Arnason
Steiner + Associates, Inc.
"Mr. Robins is clearly the most competent and efficient attorney that I have worked with. His response time and client service are at an exceptionally high level. His real estate knowledge is excellent and he has handled a wide variety of transactions for us. Additionally, he has become a trusted advisor. I would very highly recommend Mr. Robins."
- Terry Sternad
Planned Communities, Inc.
"Several years ago we had a real estate negociation with Harlan Robins on the other side of the table. I was so impressed with how he handled himself and the way he represented his client that we asked him to represent our company. Harlan has continued to impress us with his considerable skill and advice. I would like to think that we have one of the best lawyers in the country representing our company."
- Tod Ortlip
Planned Communities, Inc.
"I have worked with Mr. Robins on multiple transactions per year since 1999, most with high levels of complexity and short time frames, and all with valuable clients of our firm. Harlan provides well-informed and well-considered counsel; he is always responsive to our timing constraints, and is thorough in his attention to detail both pre and post closing. His experience and intellect, coupled with his awareness of and concern for our objectives, have made him a valuable and trusted colleague."
- John Poling
Red Capital Group
"Harlan Robins provides great subject matter expertise as it relates to managing distressed commercial mortgage portfolios. He provides efficient and effective advice to clients seeking to foreclose on and liquidate their real estate holdings."
- Anonymous
"Harlan is exceedingly diligent and thorough in his representation of our company's real estate matters. Harlan has a broad experience in assisting our company with its various transactions. Probably most importantly, he is a zealous advocate on our behalf."
- Anonymous
"Mr. Robins is extremely knowledgeable about all areas of commercial real estate law. He possesses an uncanny ability to address the most critical legal issues while at the same time ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks. We often need to temper Mr. Robins' turn around time for draft documents to ensure that business approvals precede circulation. In short, Mr. Robins is a trusted advisor and advocate for all balance sheet and mezzanine lending at Red Capital Group. His professionalism, intelligence, and diligence have served our company well for the past decade."
- Anonymous
"Mark is my "go-to-guy" regarding any legal issue. He has the ability to ascertain who in his firm would be most appropriate to handle the case in question. Also, when it comes to Corporate and Contract Law, he is extremely capable and he makes sure the client understands the issue and the strategy being proposed."
- Reinaldo Panico Peres
Sabo USA Inc.
"The City of Benson has been very pleased with Mr. Friedlander. The City has retained Mr. Friedlander to handle difficult litigation matters dealing in the areas of construction and breach of contract litigation. His personal style puts you at ease while working on emotional matters. He is always prompt in answering questions and keeping the client informed. The City of Benson would not hesitate to consult and retain Mr. Friedlander for future matters if outside counsel were necessary. "
- Ann Roberts
City of Benson, Arizona
"Mr. Friedlander is one of the few people I know who have been able to combine an abundance of knowledge in their chosen field, common sense, and true caring for the welfare of their clients. "
- Jay Falbo
Eagle Commercial Realty Services, AMO
"I have known Rick Friedlander for over 13 years and have watched his firm grow as a result of his efforts and talents. He is one of the most thorough lawyers I have worked with and has a keen sense of strategy and planning. He works hard at what he does, represents his clients well, and is always thinking and looking ahead for the benefit of his clients. Outside the office, he is personable, warm, humorous, and accommodating."
- Philip Coppola
Philip S. Coppola & Associates, LLC
"Rick is extremely helpful in providing common-sense solutions to difficult problems. His counsel has been and continues to be very beneficial to Courtland Homes."
- John Wittrock
Courtland Homes
"Rick is a premier litigator. He has been extremely helpful and insightful. Rick always provides great legal advice, tempered with real-world business experience. I would not change his firm as our local Arizona counsel on commercial litigation matters."
- Jeffrey Bailey
Del Monte Fresh Produce Company
"Rick has represented our interests extremely well, both in connection with construction litigation (as the owner of a project that went bad when the surety had to take over for the general contractor) and in the contracting phase, providing assistance in negotiating significant construction, architectural, and engineering contracts."
- Anonymous
"Richard Bolton has routinely displayed over the 12 years of our working relationship a strong command of corporate finance legal issues, which has served our firm well. He is a diligent pursuer of the best interests of his clients, while maintaining a cordial working relationship with opposing counsel. He has been most helpful to us in building our firm."
- Scott Reilly
Peninsula Capital Partners LLC
"We came to Rick and the Dickinson Wright folks on the recommendation of a media executive whose opinion carries a premium in my world. As a recently-minted CEO, I had many questions when I first met Rick regarding, not only the applicable skill sets and credentials of his firm, but the immediate and longterm needs of my newly formed company. We were starting from scratch, and he played an integral role in establishing the model for our full legal function at InterMedia Outdoors. Did I mention that he and his firm are managing this for us from Detroit? "
- Jeff Paro
InterMedia Outdoors Inc.
"I have had the privilege of working with Rick for over 20 years in a variety of corporate finance activities ranging from public offerings to M&A transactions. His keen insight and strong work ethic have been significant reasons for the success of many transactions. It's also fair to say that unlike many attorneys, Rick helps solve problems and craft solutions rather than create problems. He fundamentally understands that good deals need to get done."
- William McKinley
W. Y. Campbell & Company
"I have worked with Rick Bolton for over a decade on many differing projects requiring substantially different skills and found in every case wise counsel, conservative but creative solutions, and tremendous focus on protecting the client."
- Anonymous
"Bob is not only one of the best lawyers I have ever met, he is one of the best men I know."
- Joseph Rivkin
Financial Associates
"I have worked with many professionals over the last 25 years, primarily in the medical field, but I have never worked with anyone as knowledgeable, prepared, confident, respected, and professional as Bob Schwartz. In my opinion, Mr. Schwartz elevates the legal profession. Many times I have referred Bob to not only my friends but acquaintances. Bob Schwartz is a brilliant attorney who I have entrusted with my future and he has never let me down."
- Annie Gillette
APG Design Studios
"Bob is an outstanding advocate. He is always prepared. He always has a detailed plan for proceeding in meetings in and out of court. He is very knowledgeable of the law. It is a pleasure to watch how he can think on his feet almost to the point of manipulating opposing counsel. One of the greatest compliments that I could pass on is from a friend of mine. Her ex- husband retained Bob for their divorce. She said, "You know Bob is one of the best; he is the toughest bulldog in town". I highly recommend Bob as an outstanding attorney for anyone who has a lot at stake in a divorce proceeding. "
- Jim Pierce
Isagenix WorldWide LLC
"I found myself in an extremely complex and difficult case. Mr. Schwartz handled my case with compete professionalism. He and his staff were expedient with communications and kept me well informed. His experience in family law and his network of experts is extensive. He was excellent in the mediation process and in front of the Judge. He really listened to my needs and worked to meet them. I would recommend him as one of the most experienced, respected, and professional lawyers in the state."
- Elizabeth Pe we
"Mr. Stocker is, by far, the best gaming law attorney I have had the privilege of working with for many years. His knowledge, expertise, experience, and awareness of gaming industry issues are all exceptional. All this said, what I have found Mr. Stocker to be most skilled at is problem resolution. He has an uncanny ability to see options and/or solutions that no one else does, and he does it quickly saving his clients time, money, and worry. He is truly an extraordinary attorney and it gives me great comfort knowing that he is always there to protect my interests."
- John LaRose
"I have worked with Bob Stocker on a number of cases and can say that, without question, Bob is the hardest working lawyer I know. Intelligent, insightful, and a creative problem solver, he quickly discerns the key issues of a case. His litigation and negotiation skills are such that disputes are resolved expeditiously and in a cost-effective manner. I cannot recommend Bob too highly."
- Robert Tabor
Maloney & Tabor, Inc.
"Robert has provided representation to our company for a number of years and is considered second to none in the areas for which he provides representation. There is no other choice of representation when it comes to the areas for which he provides representation. We are fortunate he considers us a valued client."
- Robert Ziems
Progressive Gaming International Corporation
"Bob has knowledge of the law and regulations, and he has access to the regulatory authorities. These are two vital components for a gaming lawyer."
- Anonymous
"Steve is one of the best construction attorneys in the state. He understands our business and quickly grasps the details of construction-related issues. He has helped us sort through and resolve some extremely complex issues quickly and efficiently."
- Raymond Nitti
Nitti Brothers Construction, LLC
"I have worked with Steve for over 10 years. He is a respected professional and expert in the construction industry. I consider Steve a partner with Johnson Carlier. The one word that comes to mind is "service." I can count on Steve's quick response, whether a matter is very small or significant. He understands our culture and how we conduct business. I trust Steve to provide direction that is in our best interest. "
- Carol Warner
Johnson Carlier, Inc
"To be effective, legal counsel must know your business, know your company, and know how to be a partner with ownership to make solid business decisions. Steve provides our company with all of these elements; offering the ability to connect with our field and management personnel to not only handle issues needing a legal focus, but offer preventative procedures to stay out of the courthouse! His long-term experience within the construction industry, coupled with his business awareness, provides our company a resource critical to our success. Steve is active within industry associations, providing a "return" to Arizona construction and keeping a close pulse on our dynamic and ever-evolving industry. "
- David James
FNF Construction, Inc.
"It is without hesitation that I comment on Stephen Richman who, I believe, is definitely one of the best lawyers in America. My high regard for Stephen is due to my level of respect for his experience, his commitment to representing our firm to the best of his abilities, and his communication skills. As a person who has been in the construction field for over 30 years - day in and day out - I am amazed at the level of understanding Stephen can have as a person who has not lived the construction game like I have. He has obviously committed himself to being as knowledgeable as possible to construction means and methods, thereby allowing him to intelligently represent his construction clients. Stephen has always been at our "beck and call" - I have never wondered about his commitment to us. I have talked to him nights and weekends while he has been at the office or on vacation. He always makes himself available to us - no matter what. Stephen's commitment to CORE Construction is as strong a commitment as any employee we have working directly for us. I believe that communication is the most important skill in life. Although we have never discussed this, Stephen must also believe this. Stephen understands that he must first listen - and he does - always. Stephen has a unique talent for analyzing and then informing us of options, risks, etc. that has always helped us in making the best decision possible. Stephen Richman, in my opinion, is definitely one of the best lawyers in America. We are lucky to have him. "
- Jim Jacobs
CORE Construction Services of Arizona
"Steve does not hesitate to give advice on what he feels is the best legal course of action, irrespective of how those thoughts will be perceived. He keeps our best interests at heart."
- Anonymous
"Steve has the perfect combination of responsiveness, proactive communication, economic efficiencies, and understanding of his clients needs. Steve has the ability to think outside of the box, which is needed. When Steve is handling a matter, I have the comfort level and confidence that the file is being tended to properly and is being effectively staffed. Working with Steve is a pleasure."
- Anonymous
"We work in a very active environment and Bill goes above and beyond to provide excellent service. He truly is a partner who has our best interest in mind. He is dedicated to meeting or exceeding all of our expectations, especially tight time frames. He has consistently performed at this level and earned the right to have us continue to send business his way."
- Rick Ellis
JP Morgan Chase
"Bill has been an integral part of our bank's success in the southeast Michigan marketplace. His legal acumen, negotiating skills, practicality, responsiveness, and business demeanor have been instrumental in a number of very successful lending transactions over the years. He is well regarded both internally (within the bank) and externally (by our clients). The bankers who report to me frequently seek Bill's counsel on a variety of legal and banking matters. Bill is my first choice for any complicated banking transaction. He has also been a savvy and unvarnished advisor for deal structure and strategic advice. Lastly, Bill has been a tireless contributor over the years; he adjusts his time management to meet the requirements of my organization. I have always been extremely appreciative of Bill's attention to detail and commitment to completion of the relevant transaction. "
- John Carter
JP Morgan Chase
"Of the dozens of lawyers I have worked with over the years, there are none that I would rather work with than Bill Shield. Bill combines a high level of expertise with superior responsiveness. Bill does not waste time, which means work is timely, and thus economical, yet at the highest quality. Bill also possesses an ability to adapt to the situation at hand. Whether a negotiation requires a tough stance or a more passive approach, Bill finds a way to get the best results for his clients. "
- Thomas Gamm
JP Morgan Chase
"Bill is as much a partner as he is an attorney. He combines very strong technical advice with a responsive, clear, and practical approach. This is the reason he's highly sought after by not only our firm, but our competitors as well."
- Matthew Elliott
LaSalle Bank
"I work with lawyers every day in loan syndications covering mid-corporate and middle-market clients, and Bill Shield is the most responsive, thorough, knowledgeable, and efficient counsel I work with. He is an invaluable member of our deal teams, an excellent communicator, and he always provides thoughtful legal advice. Most importantly, Bill always puts the client first and is a respected and tenacious negotiator who understands the syndicated loan market and how to structure deals."
- Matthew Greene
J.P. Morgan Securities Inc.
"Mr. Shield provides excellent legal services to me and to my firm. He is responsive and works hard to serve our needs. His most important skill is his ability to sort through complex issues and provide succinct and clear explanations and solutions. In negotiations, he is able to provide advice that assists in the process of getting the deal closed while protecting my firm's interests."
- Thomas Lakocy
JP Morgan Chase
"Bill has been primary counsel on a number of transactions I have worked on in my 20-year banking career. He has a tremendous understanding of commercial law and experience in constructing loan documents. Bill has several character traits that differentiate him from other lawyers. Two traits stand out: 1. When necessary, he plays an active role in both the term sheet phase and the documentation phase by suggesting/recommending credit structures that are viable to both the borrower and the Bank, while never forgetting our underwriting standards. 2. He understands the difference between a business issue that will potentially negatively impact the Bank and a legal issue that is not significant to the Bank. He doesn't waste his client's time with insignificant legal issues and is concise and clear when describing relevant business issues. "
- Anonymous
"Timely, knowledgeable, and connected in the community, Brian is experienced and efficient to work with. Brian is honest, ethical and trustworthy."
- Sandra Cottingham, M.D.
Michigan Pathology Specialists, P.C.
"Brian Fleetham is articulate, diligent, and perceptive. His communication is superb. His ability to give examples and to compare and to contrast allows one to choose an appropriate course of action with confidence."
- Warren Lanphear, M.D.
Emergency Care Specialists, P.C.
"Mr. Fleetham has been a pleasure to work with over the years. Some of his shining attributes include knowledge, attention to detail, creativeness, unbelievable promptness and friendliness, exceptional ethics and compassion, and a drive to complete projects sooner rather than later. Mr. Fleetham is one of those rare individuals whom you would want as your best friend or neighbor, and sitting with you at the board table."
- Kim Mills, M.D.
Pathology Laboratory, P.C.
"Mr. Fleetham is a valued asset to our business. He has always been an excellent, valued, and trusted part of our team. His ability to anticipate our needs has always impressed me. "
- Don Powell
Medical Management Specialists, Inc.

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