2017 Summer Business Edition

The Tech Issue

In this issue: Artificial Intelligence in business and the law, the future of data protection, trademark bullying, social media in the judiciary, biologic drug patents, and stopping infringement before it happens.

The Best Lawyers Business Edition is an intersection of current events, business, and legal trends within technology and intellectual property law practice areas. Industry professionals within these areas weigh in with their thoughts and achievements.

Cover Story

From science fiction fixture to leading technology trend.

Artificial Intelligence

John Ettorre

From science fiction fixture to leading technology trend.


Stopping Infringement before It Happens

Jennifer Ko Craft

IPR protection strategies that work.

Initial Data Shows that PTAB Is Not a ῾Death Squadʼ for Biologic Drug Patents

Corinne E. Atton and April M. Breyer

The March 2017 statistics issued by PTAB report that across all technologies, all challenged patent claims are found patentable in only 19 percent of inter partes review (IPR) final written decisions.

Patent Battles at the PTO

S. Benjamin Pleune

Inter partes review (IPR) has become the procedure of choice to resolve the validity of patents, with or without a co-pending litigation.

Drones: What Legal Issues Should You Be Thinking About?

Rachel Constantino-Wallace, John Roche, and John Wechkin

Issues like product liability, FAA compliance, privacy, and IP surround the use of drones for personal and business use.

Scary New World: Social Media Criticism

Michael A. Kahn

The unrealistic expectation to “govern yourself accordingly” in the new digital age of snap judgements.

Social Media and Other Innovations Are Jarring the Judiciary

Michelle V. Rafter

Judge Shira A. Scheindlin means it when she says social media is “totally disrupting the court system.”

In Focus

SeyfarthLean Review: Makes Client Satisfaction Its Top Priority

Nicole Ortiz

SeyfarthLean is about changing a mindset and being prepared to alter one’s approach to work.

What Non-Health Care Lawyers Need to Know about HIPAA

Sarah E. Coyne

The privacy and security regulations under HIPAA have evolved into a long and winding regulatory road with more hurdles to come, as some of the rules are not yet promulgated.

The Christian Faith Fellowship Church and Adidas AG

Roberta Jacobs-Meadway

What is "use" in commerce?

Managing an Environmental Crisis

Donald C. Bluedorn II

Practical points for lawyers (and others).

Graceful Exits

Rachel Blue

The Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016 (DTSA) has been touted as a game changer.


The Past, Present, and Future of Data Privacy

Kelly L. Frey Sr.

It is always important to remember that our world is largely the result of fortunate accidents.

What Is the Future of Data Protection?

Holly K. Towle

One answer is that it’s bleak.

The Future of Data Privacy: You Can Run but You Can’t Hide (or Can You?)

Chad W. King

In Ernest Cline’s dystopian novel "Ready Player One," the world’s population is addicted to a virtual reality game called the OASIS.

Special Section

Hardworking Americans in the oil patch live and toil in a perilous environment, performing some of the most dangerous jobs in the U.S. today. sponsored content

Vigilant for Safety in Oil Fields and on Highways

Frank L. Branson

Hardworking Americans in the oil patch live and toil in a perilous environment, performing some of the most dangerous jobs in the U.S. today.

Summer Travel, Trucking, and Hidden Dangers

LaBarron N. Boone

As vacationers take to the roads this summer, they may not realize the dangers those driving the big rigs next to them face.