2017 Spring Business Edition

The Best Lawyers Business Edition celebrates women lawyers who excel in their specific practice areas by highlighting their opinions and achievements within their specialty areas.

Cover Story

Benefits and Mechanics of Diverse Partner Integration

Patricia Brown Holmes and Leslie Davis

Women of Influence Awards


Civil Rights Work Has an All New Meaning

Thomas R. Julin

Corporations now use federal law to fight regulation.

Sex, Gender, and Stereotypes

Elizabeth L. White

How courts are interpreting Title VII to protect LGBT workers.

Can President Trump Change Libel Law?

Deborah Drooz and Barry Langberg

The Future of the First Amendment

Julia Yoo

When the future isn't free.

Presidential Attacks on Free Speech

Jennifer M. Kinsley

A threat to our democracy.

Flag Desecration as "Speech"

Martin B. Margulies

A burning issue.

Hate Crime Laws in a Hate-Filled Era

Susan B. Gellman

Spitting against the wind.

In Focus

How to Accelerate Gender Diversity on Boards

Celia Huber and Sara O'Rourke

Slow progress in adding more women to boards has dominated the conversation. But tips from standout companies are more likely to inspire others to take firmer action.

Federal Overtime Rule Injunction Calls for State-Level Attention

Sebastian Chilco and Rachel Fendell Satinsky

Female Attorneys Shaping the Future

Nicole Ortiz

Baltimore’s Rosie the Lawyer initiative offers high school girls an insider’s look at the law.

The Verdict: Five Rules of Engagement

Kim David Lexner

Treat Me Like the Managing Partner of Your Firm

Broken Glass

Berry Appleman & Leiden

BAL's commitment to equality in the workplace.


Special Section

A Child's Best Interest

Elizabeth Yang

Understanding custody issues in California courts.