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Walther Bennett Mayo Honeycutt P.C.
123 East Marcy Street, Suite 205
Santa Fe, NM 87501
United States
(505) 795.7117

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The WBMH team brings together some of the most experienced law professionals in New Mexico. The practice is wholly dedicated to family law and excels at complex cases requiring expert counsel where sophisticated financial, valuation and tax issues are at stake. Our approach is always flexible and responsive to client needs, yet remains grounded in substantive law.Clients typically include couples with substantial accumulated assets, entrepreneurs and professionals with practices, and couples in which one (or both) spouses hold trust funds.The WBMH practice covers all aspects of family law, including divorce litigation, settlement facilitation, collaborative divorce, pre/post-nuptial and separation agreements, cohabitation, complex custody cases (parental relocation, multi-state jurisdiction, etc.), modifications to spousal and child support agreements and appellate work.WBMH understands that privacy is an important issue for most high net worth individuals, and even more so for clients whose standing in the community make them particularly vulnerable; and conducts all cases with discretion.

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  • Family Law

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