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Stump & Associates, P.C.
6307 Waterford Boulevard, Suite 222
Oklahoma City, OK 73118
United States
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Stump & Associates, P.C. is a full service immigration law firm with offices in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. The firm is one of the oldest immigration law firms in the State of Oklahoma and represents a large portfolio of clients across the U.S ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to individuals. Our clients include energy companies, engineering firms, I.T. firms, hospitals, colleges and universities, non-profit organizations, medical research institutes, and many more. We specialize in securing work visas for highly skilled foreign employees and assisting professionals such as physicians, nurses, engineers and others seeking immigration benefits. We are well known for our aggressive federal court litigation and family immigration law practice.


T. Douglas Stump
Attorney at Law



Men: 2

Caucasian: 2

Of Counsel

Women: 1

Caucasian: 1


Women: 1

Caucasian: 1

Other Lawyers

Women: 1

Caucasian: 1

Management / Department Heads

Women: 1

Caucasian: 1


Women: 7

Hispanic: 2

Multi-Racial: 1

Caucasian: 4

Non-Legal Employees

Women: 4

African-American: 1

Hispanic: 3


Matthew D. Stump
Employment-Based Immigration Matters
(405) 879-0800

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