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Attorney Mark Stiebel founded Stiebel Law Firm, LLC in 2018, after over forty years of legal practice with other respected firms in the Cincinnati area.  Years of witnessing firsthand what worked well, and less well, with other firms left Mark with the desire to create a unique type of law office. He envisioned a practice that serves clients in a way that meets their needs on both a professional and personal level. The result is the Stiebel Law Firm.

Stiebel Law Firm represents clients in the areas of  family and closely-held businesses, employee benefits, estate planning and administration, and taxation. With a background in accounting and a Master of Laws Degree in Taxation, Mark has the skill and experience to advise his clients well and advocate effectively for their interests. But it is his philosophy of practice, as much as his qualifications, that really define the firm and set it apart from others that do similar work.

Our Approach to Practice

Stiebel Law Firm operates from the basic premise that if you do what is best for the client, everything else follows. Doing what is best for the client, of course, requires the level of professional proficiency to know what is best. It also requires the ability to listen well and discern a client's needs, and to be able to ask them questions about those needs that may not have occurred to them.Doing what is best for the client may involve giving them advice that is not what they want to hear, but our clients value our honesty. We take a long-term view of our clients' circumstances, declining to use short-term strategies that may have some immediate benefit but could cause serious consequences in the long term. We are unwilling to compromise our integrity, or our clients', in order to pursue unnecessarily risky strategies.

Mark understands that much of an attorney's job is to be able to explain complex matters in a simple way. Because words are the tools of an attorney's trade, at Stiebel Law we prefer to write and speak in plain English, not "legalese." We believe that communicating clearly and precisely creates a less stressful experience, and a better outcome for our clients.

At Stiebel Law, we strive for simplicity, efficiency, and economy. We are willing to work hard, but we also want to work smart: we use the latest technology to achieve a nearly paperless office, keep client information secure, and offer excellent work at a good value. Although we do everything possible to streamline our operation, we also manage to maintain a warm, friendly, inviting environment. We want clients to know that taking their calls isn't interrupting our work; it is our work. It all comes back to that guiding principle, our dedication to putting our clients first.



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Mark A. Stiebel
Attorney and Counselor
(513) 725-3785
Jane M. Butschie
(513) 725-37884

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  • Business Organizations (including LLCs and Partnerships)
  • Closely Held Companies and Family Businesses Law
  • Employee Benefits (ERISA) Law
  • Tax Law
  • Trusts and Estates

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