Our firm is engaged in the practice of intellectual property law on a worldwide basis. Intellectual property law encompasses what formerly was termed "patent, trademark and copyright law," as well as related areas such as trade secrets and unfair competition. In addition to the traditional legal services in this area, which involve securing intellectual property protection, rendering opinions and providing advice on activities within the intellectual property law field, we provide professional services in related litigation, licensing, contract and other matters which involve intellectual property law. Our firm is one of the best known and highly regarded patent litigation firms in the United States, having handled a large number of complex and high profile patent litigations. We also provide advice and representation with respect to First Amendment and defamation issues.

We are a professional corporation which includes not only the shareholders, but other lawyers who range in experience from those who have practiced in the field for 50 years to attorneys newly admitted to the bar who typically have several years of experience as law clerks in intellectual property law.

Our firm's patent practice is directed primarily toward clients engaged in sophisticated technological areas, such as the biotechnology and pharmaceutical fields; computer hardware and software and the Internet; semiconductors; advanced electronics; medical devices; and a wide variety of mechanical systems and devices. We also have a significant trade identity practice, representing clients in the fields of trademarks, service marks, trade names, unfair competition, character protection, and the like. Although our firm has special expertise in connection with intellectual property litigation, a significant aspect of our practice is devoted to obtaining patents, obtaining trademark and copyright registrations, and licensing and counseling.

All of the attorneys in our firm who are involved in technological areas have a scientific or engineering education in addition to their legal education and bar admission. Additionally, all attorneys who solicit patents before the Patent and Trademark Office are registered patent attorneys.

We consider our most important asset to be the people in our office, including our fine staff. Our lawyers are aided by trained legal assistants (paralegals), technical advisors, law clerks and experienced legal secretaries who work together with the lawyers to ensure prompt and economical delivery of requested professional services.

We serve a wide variety of clients who range from large multi-national corporations to individual businessmen and women. Our clients are located throughout the United States and in other countries. Almost all of our new clients are referrals from existing clients.

Our firm also deals with intellectual property matters, including prosecution and litigation matters, in foreign countries. Our practice includes obtaining patents and registering trademarks through the use of foreign associate attorneys and agents with whom we have had long-standing professional relationships.

Our guiding principle is to provide the highest quality professional services on a timely basis at a reasonable charge. Our professional fees usually are based on the actual amount of time expended on a project, which generally is determined by the difficulty of the project. It is our practice to apportion projects or parts of projects among persons in the office who are capable of performing the work at the lowest billing rate. We often find that utilizing the assistance of well-trained paralegals is cost-effective for our clients.

We generally bill our clients in the subsequent month when a significant amount of services are rendered during the previous month. When requested, we can and do give advance estimates of expected costs.

We recognize that our clients must be kept informed regularly of the progress of the matters they have entrusted to us. Our firm has a policy of regular client communication in which the client is provided with periodic information and copies of appropriate documents concerning the progress of each case.

We use "state-of-the-art" equipment and systems for communicating, word processing, docketing and billing, to enable us to render the finest possible services cost-effectively and responsively to the client's requirements.

If requested, the firm can provide a list of representative clients in any of our areas of expertise. Prior to accepting any new client, the firm carefully checks to be sure there are no conflicts of interest.

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