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Reisler Franklin LLP


375 University Avenue, Suite 900
Toronto, ON M5G 2J5

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Successful Insurance Defence Litigation is all about getting to resolution efficiently.

That is the foundation of Reisler Franklin.

In 2000, we developed this vision and established our singular focus on the insurers.

We leveraged our own backgrounds in insurance defence. We recruited associate lawyers with specialized expertise and have mentored them in defence litigation with our clients. We developed a process for delivering value and controlling quality. We talked to our clients – current and prospective. And we listened. A lot.

In short, working with insurance companies every day guarantees that we can deliver on our pledge that every case be brought to resolution efficiently. We practice law in all areas of insurance defence litigation.

With each case, we add to our knowledge and uncover information that help us continually improve our process and influence the ultimate resolution of all future cases. This intimate knowledge helps us craft the best strategy for each case, then mediate a resolution or take the right approach for a trial.


D. Giles
General Manager
J. Telesford
Office Manager

Firm Practice Areas

  • Insurance Law
  • Personal Injury Litigation