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Oberti Sullivan is a boutique law firm of dedicated Houston employment attorneys.  Mark Oberti and Ed Sullivan are both Board Certified in Labor and Employment Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Each are former successful partners at a national employment law firm.  They founded Oberti Sullivan to provide heightened and efficient service to their many corporate clients, and also to leverage their talents and abilities for executives and employees who have compelling cases.

Oberti Sullivan's goal is to provide vigorous, responsive, and peerless representation to employers, employees, and executives in employment law. They are small because they do all the work themselves, and they pick the cases they wish to work on.  Since the Firm's founding, Mark and Ed have obtained settlements and verdicts in the millions of dollars, and defended companies of all sizes against all types of employment law claims.  You do not hire them because you want just a "plaintiff" attorney or just a "defense" attorney.  You hire them because you want a successful employment attorney in Houston to personally handle your case.  They will shoot it to you straight, and will represent you in an aggressive and professional manner.

The Firm handles a wide range of employment cases, including high-level executive cases, as well as non-compete litigation, and a variety of other employment law matters, such as race discrimination, race harassment (including noose cases), retaliation, sex discrimination, sex harassment, age discrimination, age harassment, disability (ADA) discrimination and reasonable accommodation, whistleblower, FLSA (unpaid overtime and minimum wage), collective actions, Sarbanes-Oxley Act retaliation claims, Dodd-Frank Act retaliation claims, DOL audits and investigations, unpaid bonuses, and many other employment law cases in Houston and Texas.

Oberti Sullivan has proven trial and appellate results in both state and federal court.  For employers, it has achieved numerous complete defense victories, from small businesses to the Fortune 100.  For individuals and executives, it has obtained favorable settlements and verdicts for our individual clients.

Mark and Ed have different styles, personalities, and perspectives, but each enjoys zealously practicing law and solving problems.  They pick up their phones, answer your questions directly, and are committed to providing you with an early case assessment with realistic litigation strategies and options.  If you are considering a lawyer, you should evaluate the history of success of Mark and Ed.



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