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Michael Harwin, P.C.
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Michael Harwin P.C. specializes in handling criminal matters and government investigations for professionals such as law enforcement officers, health care professionals, financial professionals, teachers, federal employees, and business owners. We understand that professionals have unique needs and consider all the collateral consequences that a criminal charge may bring, such as loss of a professional license, security clearance, or immigration status.  We aggressively advocate for our professional clients, but with the thoughtful discretion, patience, care, attention to detail, and empathy demanded when clients are subjected to intense public scrutiny. We represent clients, not only in criminal litigation, but also in administrative proceedings and in front of licensing boards.

Michael Harwin P.C. has exhaustive experience in all aspects of DUI, vehicular offenses, and other alcohol and drug-related offenses litigation and carefully considers the consequences that these offenses may have on a professional's career. We represent clients in matters such as Misdemeanor DUI, MVD Hearings, Extreme DUI, Prescription Drugs DUI, Aggravated DUI, Felony DUI, Drivers License Suspensions, Drug Possession, and Criminal Speeding.

We also have expertise in representing university students in criminal matters and university proceedings, mitigating the impact of an accusation of Underage DUI, Minor in Possession of Alcohol, On-Campus Drug Offenses, and other On-Campus Offenses. We understand the effect that these offenses may have on a student's university admission, their ability to live in university dorms, obtain student loans, obtain an F1 or J1 visa, and be admitted to programs that require background checks, such as nursing. 

Michael Harwin P.C is a versatile criminal defense firm and also handles cases such matters such as:

  • White Collar, Financial, and Identity Offenses
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Criminal Immigration Offenses
  • Security Clearance Matters
  • Federal Criminal Tax Matters
  • Federal and State Firearms Offenses
  • Federal Bank, Mortgage, and Real Estate Fraud and
  • Domestic Violence

Firm Practice Areas

  • Commercial Litigation
  • Criminal Defense: General Practice
  • DUI/DWI Defense
  • Immigration Law

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