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Joe Nanney and Bob Meynardie both began their private practices at Moore & Van Allen, PLLC, one of the largest law firms in the Southeast. Mr. Nanney left Moore & Van Allen in 1999 to join the firm of Wyrick Robbins Yates & Ponton LLP and Mr. Meynardie left in 2003 to join the firm of Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough, LLP. In 2008, Mr. Meynardie founded the Meynardie Law Firm, PLLC -- a solo practice -- with the goal of making big firm quality legal services affordable to individuals, small businesses and local governments. In 2010, Mr. Nanney agreed to apply his talent and experience to this goal and Meynardie & Nanney, PLLC was formed.

Statement of Purpose
* To make the highest quality legal representation affordable for small businesses, individuals, and local governments.
* To provide this representation with the personal service and responsiveness available only in a small firm.
* To ensure that our representation adds value.

Who We Serve
* Our clients include local governments throughout the State, Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and individuals. We are proud that virtually all of our current clients are either clients who have used our services before or were referred to us by other clients or by other lawyers. We believe this is the best proof that our clients recognize the value we add to each engagement.

Value-Based Legal Services
* Litigation is not usually thought of as adding value to an organization.
* We add value by helping our clients avoid litigation and ending litigation quickly when it cannot be avoided.
* We reduce costs by employing state of the art hardware and software to improve efficiency in the performance of labor intensive billable tasks.
* We add value by providing thorough litigation budgets and keeping our clients informed though periodic reviews.
* We add value by unbundling our services to allow clients to self-perform some labor intensive tasks.
* We add value by working with our clients to find alternatives to the billable hour where appropriate.
* We add value by sharing our clients' litigation risk through the use of contingent fees and fixed fees where appropriate to the case.
* Although no one can promise inexpensive legal costs in litigation, we believe that our investment in state of the art hardware and software minimizes the billable time required to prepare a case for trial or pre-trial disposition. This reduces the overall cost for the cases billed by the hour, allows us to use alternatives to the hourly billing system in appropriate cases, and makes it possible for us to unbundle our services for certain types of matters.

We are constantly engaged in an effort to provide the best value for our clients without ever compromising the highest standards of legal services.


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  • Arbitration
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Construction Law
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  • Mediation
  • Qui Tam Law
  • Trade Secrets Law

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