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Our firm helps clients who want to avoid prolonged conflict, and create solutions for moving forward in a manner that is private and respectful of each other and their children. We utilize negotiation and problem-solving skills for the benefit of clients. One of our goals is to facilitate communication with clients to articulate their goals and true interests for the purpose of developing a plan to generate solutions that meet those interests. We strive to actually engage our clients in the process from beginning to end so that they are able to make informed choices that will affect their future. By keeping our clients informed and engaged in the outcome, we help dissipate the fear that so many clients have around such things as their future financial security or their relationship with their children.

We understand that perhaps the single most important factor in determining how your children adjust to the divorce is something parents do control: how they interact with each other. Almost all divorcing couples will experience some amount of hostility toward each other during their divorce. Conflict that is intense and continues for a prolonged time after the divorce can damage children. We recognize that the relationship with your spouse doesn’t terminate upon divorce; rather, it is restructured to a parenting relationship. Our firm strives to assist clients in minimizing the impact of the divorce on their children by giving them valuable tools



  • D Magazine Best Lawyer in Dallas
  • Martindale Hubbell Bar Register of Preeminent Women Lawyers

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We represent men and women who are looking for professional guidance to help them resolve their family law issues

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