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Hogan & Hogan ∙ Boutique Appellate Law Firm

The attorneys of Hogan & Hogan have experience working in larger, national firms, but have chosen a smaller, boutique firm model that emphasizes efficiency, responsiveness and attention to detail. They take a hands-on approach that allows clients easy access and avoids potential problems caused by transitioning client matters between a team of junior associates and assistants. Attorneys Jennifer Bruch Hogan, Jim Marrow and Richard Hogan handle their clients' matters themselves, providing clients the benefit of their experience and training.

Richard and Jennifer Bruch Hogan's focus on appellate practice began when they became licensed to practice and started their jobs as clerks for the justices on the Texas Supreme Court in 1985. Jim Marrow worked for two and a half years as a staff attorney at the Fourteenth Court of Appeals, first as the chief mandamus staff attorney and then as chambers attorney.

The firm has represented both plaintiffs and defendants in appellate courts throughout Texas, including the Texas Supreme Court, as well as the United States Supreme Court. Hogan & Hogan provides sound counsel and representation for its clients in all facets of the appellate process, beginning early in formulating legal strategies while the case is still in the trial court.

What Makes An Effective Appellate Lawyer?

Appellate law is a specialized field that requires a skill set vastly different from the skills of a trial lawyer. At trial, the audience is a small group of jurors who are concerned with facts, while the appellate lawyer faces an audience of judges focused on the law. Further, the goal of a good trial attorney is to win a particular case for a single litigant, while an appellate lawyer's focus is on how the rule of law is applied not only to one client, but as precedent for future cases.

Brief-Writing And Oral Argument

The challenges that come from these differences are particularly pronounced in appellate writing and oral arguments. Appellate briefs are finely tuned, focused documents that are critically examined by experienced judges. The challenge of persuading judges in oral argument is vastly different from the challenges of persuading a jury during trial.Hogan & Hogan has decades of experience drafting appellate documents and handling oral arguments.

Creating The Record ∙ Litigation Strategy

Most trial lawyers are focused on obtaining a verdict for their clients during the trial process, which makes sense. However, without creating a record of the key issues during trial and preserving them for review on appeal, a favorable outcome can be overturned and an unfavorable outcome can be unassailable. Appellate lawyers can work only with the record presented at trial. Hogan & Hogan helps clients throughout the pretrial and trial processes:

  • Preserve error for appeal
  • Prepare and object to jury charges
  • Prepare and respond to significant pretrial and post-trial motions


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