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Halfnight & McKinlay Professional Corporation


65 Front Street East, Suite 201
Toronto, ON M5E 1B5

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Specializing in insurance litigation for over 30 years, the partners at Halfnight & McKinlay, Professional Corporation have developed a reputation within the industry and the legal community of having the knowledge, experience and litigation skills needed to deal effectively with the problems that confront insurers.  The firm's clients rely with confidence on firm members Jamieson Halfnight, Sheila McKinlay and Anne Juntunen for sound, practical advice concerning coverage under property, liability and fidelity insurance policies, and for the skilled defence of any ensuing litigation.  In cases where defences of fraud or arson need to be established, or allegations of bad faith need to be refuted, the firm has had notable success in advancing and protecting the interests of insurers.

Halfnight & McKinlay is experienced in the handling of lawsuits involving significant monetary exposures for its insurance clients, where the need to analyze difficult legal and factual issues and to manage large volumes of documents can be critical to a successful outcome.  The firm is equipped with and skilled in the use of computer technology which can enable such cases to be dealt with effectively and efficiently, whether the ultimate forum be a mediation or a courtroom. With a record for achieving excellent  results in providing advice on and conducting claims litigation (both coverage and defence) arising in the context of (among others) products liability, professional negligence, contractors' and occupiers' liability and property insurance (including fraud and arson), fidelity insurance, as well as the efficient pursuit of subrogated recovery actions, Halfnight & McKinlay has earned the trust and confidence of insurers and other clients.

Firm Practice Areas

  • Insurance Law
  • Product Liability Law