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As a full-service litigation firm, the Gibbs & Associates team has a proven track record in handling sophisticated, multi-party claims, with an emphasis on early analysis, prompt reporting and positive results, all on a timely and cost-effective basis.

Our lawyers have extensive mediation, trial and appellate court experience and have consistently worked co-operatively and successfully with clients to defend and resolve a full spectrum of claims, ranging from minor matters to complex litigation and administrative proceedings.

From the moment a new claim arrives at our doorstep, our goal is to investigate the facts as soon as possible. Early fact-finding allows us to understand the nature of the dispute and the relevant legal issues. We can quickly get a handle on the parties involved and their respective interests and involvement in the matter. With an early understanding of the best-case and worst-case scenarios and a realistic assessment of liability and damages, we are able to develop a sound and cost-effective strategy to move the case forward quickly to a successful resolution (whether it be settlement, a motion to dismiss the claim, or trial).

Gibbs & Associates' regular reporting is on a minimum ninety-day cycle, with more frequently updated status reports as developments arise. Within the first thirty days of receiving a file, we will meet with our clients, interview key witnesses, obtain relevant documents, and request documentation from opposing parties. Based on all of the available information, we will then prepare our initial assessment on liability and damages, and provide the client with our suggested litigation strategy, recommendations for moving forward in the lawsuit, and an estimated litigation budget.

Gibbs & Associates is committed to providing sophisticated legal services at cost-effective rates. For more information about our rates, please contact Gary Gibbs or Michelle Brodey. It goes without saying that litigation can be expensive, and we are prepared to work with our clients to negotiate a rate and/or payment plan that addresses their individual needs and budget.

At Gibbs & Associates, we believe that our clients deserve straightforward answers and sound, practical advice on how to achieve the best possible results, whatever their situation may be. Whether we are acting for an insurer, an engineer on a project that has "blown up", or a health professional appearing before the Discipline Committee of his/her College, we recognize that our clients need results that minimize their exposure - whether it be the risk of a judgment, the cost of a trial or hearing, the interruption of their livelihood, or the potential damage to their professional reputation. Gibbs & Associates is committed to helping our clients achieve the best possible results, quickly and cost-effectively.

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  • Construction Law
  • Health Care Law
  • Insurance Law