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Mission Statement
At Cowles & Thompson, the ways we are different from each other are as important as our similarities. By creating and maintaining diversity among our lawyers and staff, we are able to best serve our clients and our community. We recruit, retain and advance talented men and women of all backgrounds; a diverse group of lawyers provides different perspectives, richer thinking, and more creative solutions to the challenges faced by our clients.

Since its founding in 1978, Cowles & Thompson has led the way in hiring, training and promoting women and minority attorneys. Women attorneys have held equity shareholder positions in the firm since 1984, and women and minority attorneys have served -- and continue to serve -- in management positions including the firm's Board of Directors, officers, section heads and chairs of firm committees.In 1994, Cowles & Thompson became one of the first law firms in Dallas to adopt the Statement of Goals of Dallas Law Firms and Corporate Legal Departments for Increasing Minority Hiring, Retention and Promotion as published by the Dallas Bar and several minority bar associations. The Statement includes specific actions to promote minority opportunities in the legal profession. Over the course of its 27-year history the Firm has trained and advanced some of the best women and minority lawyers in the state. A number of these lawyers have gone on to distinguished careers in corporate America or other branches of the law, where they remain our friends and sometimes our clients. We are justifiably proud of our diverse alumni and of our reputation as both a great place to work and build a career and as a supportive training ground for those whose career paths may take them in other directions. The Firm's current diversity programs build on our longstanding traditions and record dating back long before diversity in the legal profession gained the mainstream attention it now enjoys.

Ann Badmus
Glenda Brewer
Greg Carboy
Hilaree Casada
Auston Cherry
Jacquelyn Clark
Jim Cowles
Brian Farrington
Chuck Green
Todd Harlow
Kyle Hejl
Byron Henry
Sim Israeloff
David Johnson
Angela Lopez
Tony Mallers
David Metzler
Scott Meyer
Ken Mighell
Steven Moses
Thu Nguyen
Mike Northrup
Stuart O'Neil
John Pease
Melissa Pegram
Bill  Siegel
Jonathan Spigel
Steve Stapleton
Elizabeth Swan


David Metzler
Managing Partner

About Our Clients

Representing Large Corporations And Middle Market Organizations
The strategy of the Firm has been to provide the best legal representation in a cost-effective manner to allow the client to achieve their goals.  This has ranged from representing some of the largest corporations in the U.S. to active day-to-day representation of middle-market businesses.  From representing Fortune 100 companies to working with start-up companies as they grow and mature, Cowles & Thompson has worked to build a foundation of growth  for our clients, and partnered with them as they have grown and matured.

Numbers Speak for Themselves
Behind every successful law firm you will find attorneys who love their profession, and Cowles & Thompson is no exception.  We place tremendous importance on training our attorneys to focus on client needs and the objectives of the matters at hand.

Our numbers speak for themselves when looking back over our history since 1978.  Having worked with over 63 of the 2007 Fortune 100 companies and local middle-market companies, our experience spans the practice area spectrum by having handled more than 500 appellate matters and 20,000 litigation matters, over 2,000 business matters and more than 500 legal malpractice matters.  Experience matters.

Industry Experience and a Commitment to Clients
In addition to working tirelessly for clients, the Firm has in-depth experience in working with various industries.  This includes the Firm's experience in working with clients in the aviation, transportation, manufacturing, real estate, retail and insurance industries.  This knowledge allows us to put clients first to achieve their goals.

High-quality representation in a timely, client-focused and cost-effective manner:  the hallmarks of Cowles & Thompson and the road map for the future of the Firm. 

Firm Practice Areas

  • Appellate Practice
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Legal Malpractice Law - Defendants
  • Litigation - Construction
  • Litigation - Intellectual Property
  • Litigation - Patent
  • Litigation - Real Estate
  • Personal Injury Litigation - Defendants

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United States



Dallas, TX

Bank of America Plaza, Suite 3900

901 Main Street

Dallas, TX 75202

United States

(214) 672.2000

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