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Founder Heidi Webb developed The Consilum® Process, to encompass not only legal advice, but also life planning strategies, as well as emotional, financial and logistical suppport during this critical life transition so that clients can effectively navigate their paths through divorce, and into their next life stage.

At Consilum we holistically addresses the key legal, emotional, and logistical issues people confront when facing a possible divorce, with the goal of charting the optimal path to achieving each client’s distinctive long-term life goals for themselves and their family. Our goal is to take our expertise in family law combined with psychology and education to guide our clients through the labyrinth of the divorce process in a less painful way, make calm informed decisions during a very emotional time, hire appropriate legal counsel, and help them start their new life journey after divorce with attainable goals.

The Consilium ® Process can benefit individuals and couples.  However there is an important difference between our engagement by an individual, or a couple. When an attorney works with an individual her role is that of a counselor and advocate, whereas when she works with a couple she acts as a neutral for both parties, informing them of the law but not advising either party relative to any particular position. Additionally when working with individuals the attorney maintains a confidential and privileged relationship with the individual client whereas when working with a couple the confidences maintained are between the attorney and the couple.



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