What really happens in a business lawsuit in Florida – Part 1: Who’s the best lawyer I ever saw?

Lawsuits are our society’s mechanism for resolving disputes between businesses that they are unable to resolve on their own.  But, the reality is that they take a good deal of time and money.  Fortunately, David Steinfeld, owner of the Law Office of David Steinfeld in Palm Beach Gardens is a Board Certified expert in business lawsuits with more than twenty years of experience. 


Mr. Steinfeld is one of just about 250 of the more than 100,000 lawyers licensed in Florida that has been qualified by the Florida Bar as a Board Certified expert in business litigation.  He has even chaired that Committee for the Florida Bar at the behest of its President and written large parts of the certification exam.  He has also been recognized for several consecutive years as one of the Best Lawyers in America by U.S. News and World Report, a Florida Super Lawyer, and one of Florida’s Legal Elite among other well-regarded awards and recognitions that are identified on the Firm’s website at www.ThePalmBeachBusinessLawyer.com.  But, because lawsuits are only one mechanism to resolve business disputes, the benefit of consulting with Mr. Steinfeld is to discuss and identify the objectives and resources of the business or people involved and to assess all alternatives that may achieve those goals with the resources available to them. 


Critical to the prosecution or defense of any business lawsuit is the structuring and framing of the action.  Almost akin to constructing a house or building, a lawsuit, counterclaims, and defenses must be carefully considered and planned before their implementation.  This is where experience matters.  As a former U.S. Army Officer in both the intelligence community and practicing law in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps, attorney David Steinfeld has a unique tactical approach to business lawsuits that optimize the opportunity for success in that venue for any business.  So as astronaut Gordo Cooper was famous for saying, who’s the best lawyer (he really said pilot) I ever saw? . . . well, you’re lookin’ at em’.