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The Susan Hicks Group

The Susan Hicks Group understands its role is to keep a balanced view and offer guidance throughout our
clients’ times of crisis.
While each case is unique, the firm operates under the premise that achieving resolution
without litigation is almost always optimal. However, when negotiations fail, our attorneys are prepared to litigate,
vigorously advocating for our clients. Susan Hicks, the firm’s principal, is a seasoned trial attorney with more than 30
years’ experience. “It is always rewarding to me when people are able to look back at the process and feel that it was
not as horrendous as they had feared, and that I was able to help them get through it” says Susan, a fellow in the American
Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and former chair of the Virginia State Bar Family Law Board of Governors. The firm handles a multitude of family law matters, from simple pre-marital agreements to complex divorce cases with business valuations, deferred compensation issues, and volatile custody disputes.